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To confront the severe issue of commercial sexual prostitution in Asian tourism, several NGOs from different countries gathered in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 1990, and conducted the International Campaign to End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism (ECPAT) trying to protect children and to keep them away from commercial sexual exploitation. In 1997, ECPAT International renamed as End of Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes (ECPAT remains). Until now, ECPAT has over 80 members in more than 70 countries.

ECPAT Taiwan joined ECPAT International in 1991 and registered officially to the government on March 31st, 1994. Expecting to be the initiator, activist and protector for child and youth rights welfare, ECPAT Taiwan fights against all forms of commercial sexual exploitation and provides better service for children and women. The mission of ECPAT Taiwan is to fight against the huge criminal networks, to end child pornography and to gain back the children's innocence and happiness.

To make the Internet a safer place for children and to end child pornography has always been an important issue to ECPAT Taiwan. In 2007, ECPAT Taiwan has started “The Online 3C Action”, which constituted the integration of existing hotlines and website services. 3C means Clean, Counsel and be Clever. Each word represents one website service. "Clean" represents the web547 Internet Reporting Hotline; "Counsel" represents the web885 Internet Counseling Hotline; "Be Clever" represents an Internet Safety Education Website.










Online 3C Action

  • The Internet Reporting Hotline (web547) was launched in 1999, to receive illegal and harmful reports from internet users. Through the cooperation with the police and ISPs, web547 try to eliminate and remove the illegal and harmful information from the Internet.
  • The Internet Counseling Hotline (web885) was set in 2006, to provide the mental and legal consultation service to resolve the problems of pedophilia inclination, Internet abuse or addiction, cyber bullying, online personal information, etc.

  • To raise public awareness of child safety on the Internet, ECPAT Taiwan launched the Internet Safety Education Website (Smart-kids Website) in 2006. It educates children s netiquette, law and self-protection on the Internet. In 2010, we added two versions for teenagers and parents on Smart-kids website. People of different age can find abundant and useful information about child safety on the Internet.

    Moreover, to bridge the experiences of ECPAT Taiwan and international organizations, ECPAT Taiwan joins the International Association of Internet Hotlines (INHOPE) and Asia Pacific Internet Hotline Network (APIH) to work with the international organizations to combat child pornography(child sexual abuse content) and to protect children safety on the Internet.

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