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Teachtoday provides information about the positive, responsible and safe use of new technologies for teachers, head teachers, governors and other members of the school community.  It was launched in 2008 by a unique collaboration between the ICT industry and European Schoolnet, a network of 31 European Ministries of Education. 

With digital technologies now part of daily life for many children and young people, schools play a vital role in helping them to manage their digital spaces and develop their ICT, media literacy and social skills.

Teachtoday helps teachers and other members of the school community to keep up with new technologies and to protect themselves and their professional reputation in the digital world. The website answers questions about setting up social networking profiles, dealing with bullying against students and staff, teaching the legalities of downloading music and much more.

Visit http://www.teachtoday.eu and, for the latest information about Teachtoday and to stay up-to-date on e-safety news, follow @TeachtodayUK on Facebook and Twitter.

Safer Internet Day 2014: Let's create a better internet together

As digital technologies evolve, it is crucial that education professionals understand how to make the most of them and how to deal with any risks. From a personal and professional point of view, this could include thinking carefully before posting comments or images on Facebook. Teachers and other school staff also need to encourage young people to behave responsibly in the digital world, from treating others with respect to protecting their own privacy. Teachtoday was set up to help schools do just this, by providing a central resource where education professionals can go for information and advice about digital safety. It is proud to support Safer Internet Day in its quest to create a better internet.