TURKEY Safer Internet Day Committee TURKEY Safer Internet Day Committee

Safer Internet Day 2013

Safer Internet Day (SID) events are celebrated all over the world every year in February has been also celebrated in Turkey for 4 years. In this context, SID2013 will be celebrated with a comprehensive organization by Happy Kids Association, Gazi University and Internet Development Committee in the coordination of Happy Kids Association. Happy Kids Association which is a member of eNACSO (European NGO Alliance for Child Safety Online) aims for children providing them to take part in society as individuals that happy, conscious and active participators and to face the future with hope and more healthy steps. In SID events, The Association will declare the results of study about perception of children's Internet use and the awareness on safer use of Internet.

About the Turkish Safer Internet Centre

Turkish Information and Communication Technologies Authority, Telecommunications Presidency, Internet Department, established in 23 May 2007 in accordance with the Law No. 5651 “Law on Regulation of Broadcasts via Internet and Prevention of Crimes Committed through Such Broadcasts”.

Due to this Law No: 5651, Turkey’s Internet Hotline, IhbarWeb, a member of INHOPE for reporting illegal content of internet has been established.

For the safer use of Internet, seminars are held to mainly families and children throughout the country by the Authority’s Safer Internet Team. The main goal of seminars is to raise awareness and educate families and children about safer use of Internet. In the last one year, 200 seminars at more than 100 different points of Turkey were given and over 30.000 Internet users participated to the seminars. As in previous years, The Authority continues to publish and distribute different guide booklets on safer use of Internet and continue to develop projects on safer Internet with related organizations. On the other hand, Turkey’s awareness website, Safe Web (guvenliweb.org.tr) and SaferKid Project, Safe Kid (guvenlicocuk.org.tr) portals are continued to operate with enriching the content.

On the other hand, Safer Internet Service Project which mainly aims to protect children and also families from harmful contents of Internet continue by heavily demand of Turkish Internet users and almost 1.500.000 subscribers apply for the Service.

Internet Service Providers offer this Service free of charge and on a voluntary basis. Option to use this Service is the decision of the individual users. Also, users can totally opt in or out from SIS anytime. There is no need to install any software. Users who prefer SIS apply to Internet Service Providers by SMS, online services or call center. Subscription transaction does not exceed one minute.

Please visit the official web site of SIS for more infornmation: www.guvenlinet.org

To create a safer Internet environment in Turkey:

Our vision is to make our targeted groups (children, teens and parents) aware of safer and responsible use of the Internet.

Our mission is to expand safe and responsible use of Internet through making all the safer internet activities known by public. Thus, non-governmental organizations and any other related parties would also be oriented to take further steps in this context.

Because of the borderless structure of the Internet, we give great importance to international cooperation and thus we follow the international developments closely. It is also important for us to contact with the experts to receive the valuable opinions in this area.

What online rights and responsibilities means to us...

Internet is a universal service which should be accessed by anyone, anywhere. The priority should be to constrict the digital gap and to meet the infrastructure supply in order to insure the whole accessibility of the Internet. Providing the continuity of this right of usage is equally important. Maintaining freedom of expression on Internet, personal rights and liberties should be protected. One should not encounter any obstacles concerning self-expression and also should be protected from all the threats of the Internet intending the liberties and rights. 

Internet usage became more common with the facility and feature of online Internet usage. In this area, protecting the rights and liberties is ensured by specific regulations within a consensus; both individuals and communities should act responsibly.

Maintaining freedom on Internet, personal rights and liberties could only be provided by respecting the rights of others. In this regard, Internet should be brought to a level in which children, who are incapable of self-protection, can benefit maximum usage. Therefore, creating alternative ‘walled gardens' should be considered a suitable approach for the Internet.

It is important for the non-governmental society to initiate the Internet to become a universal service which can be used by everyone. In the communities, where non-governmental organizations are responsive and dynamic, rights and responsibilities mentioned above will be implemented in their own medium in all fields of the Internet.



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