UKRAINE Safer Internet Day Committee UKRAINE Safer Internet Day Committee

We worked on topic of  safer Internet since April 2013. We analyze researches on the issue of safe behavior in Internet. Scientifically based results we try to put into practice. Our  activities we deliver to young people through non-formal education methods in schools and youth associations.

Safer Internet Day 2014

We plan to organize educational activities for young people through educational institutions, libraries, youth association and prepare info-pack for media. We have a special informational session on "Safer Internet" elaborated deliberately for young people.
The are agreements on common activities  with youth organizations from  Dnepropetrovsk, Zhytomyr, Kremenchuk, Lugansk,  Severodoneck. 
We are opened to share materials for organizations could work in Russian and Ukrainian. 

What we are doing to help create a better internet
Cyber-socialization is an important factor of modern generation development. We see our role in helping to adapt young people to changing cyber-world.  We show possibilities of Internet for better self-development of each person.


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