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Safer Internet Day 2015

Vodafone is proud to support Safer Internet Day through its Digital Parenting website (www.vodafone.com/parents)Launched in 2009, Vodafone's Digital Parenting initiative helps parents to get more involved with their child's digital world. 

Let's create a better internet together

As digital technologies become increasingly important for many young people, Vodafone's Digital Parenting initiative aims to help families enjoy them together in a safe and responsible way. New articles on the website cover coding and the computing curriculum and also introduce Vodafone's My Tech Family initiative, which helps people to identify their digital learning style. In addition, the website provides comprehensive advice about the digital challenges that children and teenagers might face, such as bullying and privacy. By helping to educate parents and encouraging them to get more involved with their child's digital world, Vodafone is helping to create a better internet.




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