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Last updated: 2022-03-01

About our SID activities

Singapore celebrated Safer Internet Day this year with an exciting array of activities by community groups, government organisations and technology companies that organised webinars, campaigns and created new resources to raise awareness of digital wellness issues of online safety, civility and responsibility. Safer Internet Day is one of the tentpoles of the national Digital for Life movement which shores up our community’s digital resilience and supports Singaporeans with the tools, literacies and habits to succeed in the digital age.

Here's a snapshot of Safer Internet Day 2022 celebrations in Singapore: 

Safer Internet Day Webinar 2022 by the Media Literacy Council 
In collaboration with Apple Singapore, the Media Literacy Council held an inaugural webinar on Safer Internet Day for primary school educators on the theme of ‘Be Safe, Be Smart and Be Kind Online’. 137 educators from 90 primary schools across Singapore gleaned great insights on key digital wellness topics such as emerging cyber wellness trends and threats among Singaporean digital natives, the importance of cyber wellness education for Gen Z and how to motivate the students to create a culture of cyber wellness that goes beyond schools.

The webinar also saw the launch of a short video-making competition for primary schools which is organised by the Media Literacy Council with support of Apple Singapore and Singapore’s Ministry of Education which will provide students with a fun and enriching learning experience while advocating digital citizenship and cyber wellness issues with their peers.  

MLC Social Media Campaign for Safer Internet Day 2022
To commemorate Safer Internet Day 2022, the Media Literacy Council launched a social media campaign promoting digital wellness through useful tips and resources on topics such as positive internet behaviour, avoidance of online scams, responsible sharing of information online and healthy screen time for children. Resources are available on the Council’s Instagram (@betterinternetsg), Facebook (@MediaLiteracyCouncilSG) and Twitter (@MLCSingapore) accounts. The campaign also highlighted an array of interesting community projects for individuals and organisations committed to creating safety and wellbeing on the internet.

Sunlight AfA Webinar on Protection of Women and Young Girls on 8 Feb 2022
The Sunlight Alliance for Action aims to coalesce the public, private and people sectors to generate solutions to tackle online harms, impacting women and girls. It held a webinar on Safer Internet Day titled “Together for a Better Internet: Protecting Women & Girls from Online Harms” for over 180 participants to create greater awareness of the need for a community response to online harms. 

Meta Anti-Scams Campaign 2022
Meta launched the second run of its anti-scams campaign 2022 on Safer Internet Day, supported by Media Literacy Council and National Crime Prevention Council (  Reinforcing the safety messages in the anti-scams campaign launched in 2021, this year saw the launch of new resources in English and the vernacular languages of Simplified Chinese, Malay and Tamil to address the needs of Singapore’s native speakers. 

Google-RSVP Singapore Online Safety Training Webinar for Seniors
In celebration of Safer Internet Day, Google partnered with the Infocomm Media Development Authority and RSVP Singapore The Organisation of Senior Volunteers (RSVP Singapore) to launch a slew of activities for more than 1,000 senior citizens, including a series of webinars, educational modules on online privacy and security as well as the provision of smart home devices and Chromebooks at subsidised rates to facilitate effective learning. Bilingual (English and Simplified Chinese) in nature, the webinars will shed light on online privacy and security issues and digital payment tools such as Google Pay. Volunteers from Google will conduct train-the-trainer sessions for volunteers at RSVP Singapore to impart skills to teach the elderly. In collaboration with Infocomm Media Development Authority, Google will be also be launching online courses to equip senior citizens to utilise technologies, such as personalising YouTube content and navigating using Google Maps. 

What we are doing to support the SID 2022 slogan of "Together for a better internet"…

The Media Literacy Council believes that a better internet starts with everyone playing their part to foster an online culture of safety, responsibility and wellbeing. The Council works in partnership with industry, community and government organisations to champion and coalesce efforts to deliver public awareness and education programmes that uplift media literacy and cyber wellness in Singapore under the content pillars and tagline of ‘Be Safe, Be Smart, Be Kind Online’.

About us

The Media Literacy Council works in partnership with industry, community and government to promote an astute and responsible participatory culture. The roles of the Council are two-fold: to advise the government on research, trends and developments pertaining to the internet and media, and to develop public awareness and education programmes on media literacy and digital wellness.

A flagship public education effort conducted by the Council has been the Better Internet Campaign which has been conducted annually since 2013. Last year, in 2021, the campaign was re-positioned within the Digital Wellness Campaign and implemented by the national Digital for Life movement. The Digital Wellness Campaign carries the tagline “Be Safe, Be Smart, and Be Kind” and calls for the community to take on individual and collective responsibility for a safer and more civil internet.

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