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Last updated: 2022-02-07

About our SID activities

Every half a second, a child goes online for the very first time. But unfortunately, the internet wasn’t built with children’s safety in mind. At any one time, 750,000 individuals are estimated to be looking to connect with children online for sexual purposes, a challenge so large – and so complex – that no one entity can solve it alone.
That’s why Safer Internet Day is so important. Across the world, organisations, corporations, governments and individuals are demanding a safer online world for children, uniting around the day’s theme of together for a better internet.
End Violence Partnership is working with, for and through partners to make children safe online. Since 2016, we have invested $44 million in 53 projects focused on preventing and eliminating online child sexual exploitation and abuse with impact over 70 countries across the world.
With your help, End Violence Partnership hopes to engage global communities and work together to #ENDviolence against children online. Please help spread the word by sharing the materials below with your networks!

What we are doing to support the SID 2022 slogan of "Together for a better internet"…

End Violence stands united behind this vision of a better, safer internet for children, working with, for and through our partners to make children safe online. Such a movement has never been more essential, as COVID-19 isolation measures have led children to spend more time learning, playing and connecting online than ever before.

About us

The Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children was launched in July 2016 by the UN Secretary-General. Today, the End Violence Partnership is the only global entity focused solely on Sustainable Development Goal 16.2: ending all forms of violence against children. We are made up of over 500 partners, including governments, UN agencies, research institutions, international non-governmental organisations, foundations, civil society organisations, private sector groups, and more. Though different in many ways, one simple belief unites us all: every child deserves to grow up free from violence.
We are both a partnership and a fund. As a partnership, we connect and convene partners to raise awareness, catalyse leadership commitments, mobilise new resources, promote evidence-based solutions and innovation, and support those working to end all forms of violence, abuse and neglect of children. The Partnership is a platform to facilitate collective, evidence-based advocacy and action to keep children safe at home, in their communities, online and at school.
The End Violence Fund is a flexible funding vehicle that identifies new and emerging challenges to SDG 16.2. We fund innovative initiatives that have the potential to replicate and scale – and as a result, generate data, evidence and learning to inform policy and increase the impact of programmes to end violence against children.

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