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Last updated: 2022-01-17

About our SID activities

The Safer Internet Day (SID) campaign in Cyprus includes activities that will last for the whole month of February with the SID conference as its pinnacle.
The conference on Safer Internet Day is aimed, primarily, at students and teachers. Students and teachers from all schools in Cyprus are expected to participate in the conference - due to the COVID pandemic the conference will be held online. During the conference, speakers will discuss safe internet usage with reference to its potential and risk.
A students’ short video (animation edition) competition with the motto “Together for a better internet” will be organised prior to the event, with the winning videos presented during the SID conference. Clips from the videos, together with the promotional video of the helpline and hotline services, will be broadcast from all Cypriot TV channels, during the whole month of February.
During that month, schools are encouraged to organise school-based activities for Safer Internet Day.
Partners and associates of the Cyprus Safer Internet Centre, students and teachers of eSafeSchool, Young Coaches for the Internet and CYberSafety Youth Panel will be hosted on TV shows and will talk about SID. In addition, they will talk about the opportunities and dangers of the internet and the operation of the 1480 helpline and hotline.

What we are doing to support the SID 2022 slogan of "Together for a better internet"…

The Cyprus Safer Internet Centre (SIC) in the framework of the SID campaign is launching an information campaign aimed at reaching out to children and young people, parents and teachers, industry, decision-makers and politicians in Cyprus, to encourage everyone to play their part in creating a better internet.
In line with the SID slogan of "Together for a Better Internet", the centre will organise training courses (workshops, presentations, etc.) and events for students, teachers and parents, in order to promote safe and efficient use of the internet, and spread the message that together we can create a better internet.

About us

The Cyprus Safer Internet Centre - CYberSafety, building on European funding as part of the Better Internet for Kids (BIK) project, aims to strengthen efforts for the creative and safe use of the internet in Cyprus. Focusing on the new and increasing needs, which constantly rise, at national and European level, regarding internet technology, the centre promotes cooperation between national stakeholders, aiming to create a safe internet culture.
An awareness centre supports the work of the centre, by developing rich educational/information material, resources and tools, as well as organised campaigns to empower children, young people, parents, carers and teachers with skills and knowledge on how to be safe online and benefit from the advantages that the digital environment can offer. Furthermore, the awareness centre works closely with children and young people allowing them to actively share their experiences, ideas and views, reinforcing them to formulate suggestions and actions regarding the creative and safe use of digital technologies and the internet. CYberSafety Youth Panel members act as ambassadors of best practices and actions, aiming to create innovative resources and disseminate messages about the safe use of the internet to their peers and other involved groups.
The helpline and hotline also support the work of the centre. The operation of the helpline aims to ensure that all users will receive expert advice and support on issues related to the use of digital technologies and the internet. More specifically, the helpline provides information, advice and assistance to children, young people and/or parents, teachers and professionals, on how to deal with harmful content, contact (such as grooming) and conduct (such as cyberbullying or sexting). The operation of the hotline offers a direct, easily accessible and responsible point of contact for users to report illegal content or actions related to illegal child sexual abuse material (CSAM).

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