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Last updated: 2024-02-06

About our SID activities

Teenagers are the first to be involved in conversations about their digital habits.
Internet Sans Crainte has put the participation of young people at the heart of its approach to Safer Internet Day 2024. 
Three groups of young people aged 13 to 16 (50 in all) from the Greater Paris region worked with the Internet Sans Crainte teams for several months to develop their own prevention materials and share their vision of online commitment. They will also be invited to the launch event at Bercy to exchange views with representatives from politics, industry and civil society.

Engaging parents, engaging classes and sparking dialogue! 
To encourage people to take action, Internet Sans Crainte is increasing the number of relays on the ground and online activities in various forms, with the support of its partners. The National Programme offers free turnkey kits that can be found on the Internet Sans Crainte website. 

As Safer Internet Day has been included in the school curriculum since 2021, teachers from primary to secondary schools are invited to use the resources available to them to run prevention workshops in their classes. Many parents seek help and educational material to start a dialogue with their children. These kits make discussing responsibility and commitment online both practical and fun.

Social content creators as ambassadors for the campaign
Internet Sans Crainte engages content creators to appeal to the general public, parents and young people. Through original content based on the campaign's commitments, they set an example for their communities and encourage parents and teenagers to change their habits. They include main social content creators like @LeJeuneEngagĂ©, @Ines.maths, @Athenasol_off, @Roman_doduik, @y.dessin and so on. 

What we are doing to create a better internet…

What we look at, what we like, what we say... everything we do online engages our responsibility for ourselves, others and the planet, even when we're a child. Being aware of this gives you the power to take action to keep control of your digital life and help make the Internet a positive and safe place. With the French "Connected, committed... and you?" campaign, we invite everyone to rethink their online role and take action...

About us

The French Safer Internet Centre is questioning the whole chain of digital responsibility and placing the commitment issue back at the heart of its campaign. Whether it's the industry, social networks, politicians, parents or young internet users, everyone has a role in making the Internet safer, more respectful and less toxic.

But where can people start to take action?

Internet Sans Crainte invites young people, their friends, and family to take on three commitments that will enable them to see the benefits of their new resolutions immediately. It's a chance for them to become agents of change for themselves, their community and the planet. Stop worrying; it's up to us to take back control!

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