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About our SID activities

This year, TechNation, in collaboration with MCIT, aims to celebrate Safer Internet Day in Kabul Afghanistan, carrying out following activities:
  • Speech delivered about the importance of Safer Internet Day.
  • Implying how social media and the internet is affecting a child's life by showing a video to the audience.
  • Videos of women around Kabul city talking about if they feel safe online and the challenges they face online.
  • Speech on MCIT role in providing quality internet and a safe online environment for women.
  • Speech by Minister of Women Affairs on the safe use of the internet.
  • Speech by Minister of Education on the internet facilities of the kids.
  • Panel discussion on "Advantages of the internet and how women can be safe online".

What we are doing to support the SID 2020 slogan of "Together for a better internet"…

We will spread awareness among children and women by holding an event. We will produce a short video about problems children are facing online and will also have a panel discussion about online safety, where we will invite kids, their parents and experts.

About us

Safetya is an online safety campaign by TechNation, in Afghanistan. Safetya aims to create a massive awareness about how people, especially youth, can be safer online. We disseminate safety information through events, workshops, social media, and this online platform. Safetya will be launched through an inaugural ceremony in Kabul and will spread to Herat, Jalalabad, Mazar-e-Sharif and Kandahar. Safetya will run for six months, at its pilot phase, where it aims to create awareness among and educate Afghan citizens on online safety measures, safety guides provided by social media networks, and how people can be safer online, especially on social media. Safetya works with diverse partners, including media outlets, prominent activists, bloggers, journalists, members of civil society and the private sector, to leverage its web portal and social media accounts for spreading the campaign messages across various communities in Afghanistan.
The Mission of Safetya is to make  the internet a safer place for Afghans. The goal of Safetya is to create awareness and education among male and female internet-user communities in Afghanistan on online safety, this includes education on Facebook safety tools and policies.
Safetya undertakes the following to achieve its mission:
  • Hold ongoing workshops in universities and schools for students and teenagers, and hold a public event and invite prominent activists, bloggers, journalists, and members of civil society.
  • Focus on the value of the online platforms: social, economic, as well as political.
  • Give an introduction to social media network policies and how these policies help to keep people safer online.
  • Have interactive sessions on reporting violating content, share experiences of counter speech, views and narratives.


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