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Last updated: 2020-12-03

About our SID activities

Safer Internet Day is a special occasion for the Austrian awareness centre to promote a more responsible use of digital media and invite the public at large to reflect on this topic.

Since 2011, we have extended the campaign from a one-day event to a "Safer Internet Month of Activity" in February: Like in previous years, Austrian schools and youth centres are invited to celebrate Safer Internet Day with various self-designed activities throughout the month of February. Registered schools and youth centres will receive a digital Safer Internet Kit containing useful materials, including the SID Best Practice Compendium for inspiration. The Best Practices of 2021 will be published and three entries will be awarded. The campaign is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research.

Furthermore, we will publish the results of a survey on the topic "self presentation on the internet" conducted among adolescents (11 to 17 years) in Austria. In order to maximise media attention, we will give our traditional big annual press conference some days before SID, to present the initiative as well as the results of our survey.

In March 2021, again current data on social media use of adolescents will be presented with the Austrian Youth Internet Monitor 2021 (

What we are doing to support the SID 2020 slogan of "Together for a better internet"… invites all Austrian institutions, organisations, schools and youth centres to celebrate Safer Internet Day through various self-designed activities and thereby, to spread the SID message "Together for a better internet"!

About us

The Austrian Safer Internet Centre consists of the Austrian Awareness Centre, the helpline 147 Rat auf Draht and the hotline Stopline. It is coordinated by the Austrian Institute for Applied
Telecommunications (ÖIAT). One of the consortium partners is also the Association of Austrian Internet Service Providers (ISPA). cooperates intensely with public authorities, non-governmental organisations and industry partners. The initiative is funded by the European Commission (Safer Internet Programme), federal ministries and the internet industry (A1, Huawei and Facebook).

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