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Last updated: 2024-01-22

About our SID activities

On Safer Internet Day 2024, Betternet will mainly focus on parents. Betternet wants to respond to parents' needs, questions and concerns regarding their children’s digital practices through new pedagogical and informative resources while raising awareness of the risks and opportunities linked to children being online. With a new format, parents and experts will analyse current online challenges for families and propose solutions that apply to different family contexts, considering that each family is different and has their own needs. Betternet will involve families' organisations, digital and media literacy actors, and formal and non-formal education institutions to communicate about this new tool and spread the word to parents.

What we are doing to create a better internet: 

Betternet actively supports Safer Internet Day by providing an accessible resource to parents, aligning with the theme 'Together for a better internet.' Parents constitute a challenging demographic for e-safety initiatives due to the overwhelming educational, logistical, and emotional responsibilities placed on them as primary influencers in their children's lives.
In recognising the pivotal role of parents in navigating the digital landscape for their children, Betternet advocates for media parenting as an inherent aspect of the parenting journey. We believe that, with proper guidance, support, and access to resources, all parents can effectively navigate the complexities of social media, digital technologies, and their children's overall digital development.
Betternet's strategy involves reaching parents through a new format, aiming to connect with them in the family sphere and positioning them as integral to the solution for improving their children's digital experiences. Betternet endeavours to positively impact the digital parenting journey by fostering a sense of community and empowerment and offering informative content to create a safer and more enriching online environment for families.

About us

Betternet is a project coordinated by the Belgian Safer Internet Centre and represented by Child Focus, Conseil Supérieur de l’éducation aux Médias, Média Animation and Mediawijs. Through media literacy initiatives for professionals, a helpline and a hotline, we work together towards a better internet for all children in Belgium.

Awareness-raising activities include the development of pedagogical tools, training, campaigns and materials for professionals working with children in their daily practice, for instance, teachers, educators, librarians, youth leaders and coaches, parents, and so on.

To reach our goal, we actively involve children and young people in developing pedagogical material and tools to ensure they respond to their needs and reflect their media practices. We believe that making the internet a better place for all children is a shared responsibility. Therefore, we also engage in dialogue and cooperation with industry, policymakers, and all the stakeholders who want to join forces towards that common goal.

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