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Safer Internet Day (SID) 2020 in Bulgaria will be the starting point of a number of events and initiatives around the country.
The main event in Sofia on 11 February 2020, will be under the slogan of the global SID campaign "Together for a better internet" with a special focus on digital parenting. First, as a tradition for the fifth year in a row, at an award ceremony, members of the best three Cyberscouts' squads formed by 5th graders trained by the SIC in more than 20 cities during 2019, will receive certificates of achievement from the Ministry of Interior for the best awareness initiatives they prepared and conducted among their peers. Awarded cyberscouts, members of the SIC Youth panel, other pupils, their teachers and parents will take part in the main activity at the event. Divided into mixed working groups they will discuss and present their views on the theme "What should parents know about the internet?" Based on the presentations, a list of recommendations will be compiled and publicised.
For a third year, SID will mark the start of a two-month long Media Literacy Days during which a number of campaigns, contests, training sessions to be organised around the country by the 17 partner organisations which are members of the Coalition for Digital Media Literacy in Schools. The Coalition was formed in 2017 by the Safer Internet Centre (SIC) and has been conducting various campaigns, training and other initiatives and projects all around the country. The common theme of all the activities are developing digital and media literacy as one of the strongest preventive factors ensuring safe and positive use of the internet by children and youth.
Special educational packs with lesson plans and plans for teacher-parents meetings will be distributed to schools to be used by teachers with the pupils and their parents with a focus on digital and media literacy.

What we are doing to support the SID 2020 slogan of "Together for a better internet"…

The Bulgarian SIC is developing and disseminating various awareness and information resources for children, parents and teachers. Teachers are regarded as the most important target group as they have the possibility to build up the medial literacy and digital competences of their pupils on a daily basis. What they lack are resources which are easy to use and focused on developing the digital and media literacy of children through practical methodologies. The SIC has developed and has been actively disseminating such resources through teachers' training and, with the support of the Ministry of Education, methodology for delivering their lessons with a specific focus on systematically building up the digital and media literacy and skills of pupils.

About us

The Bulgarian Safer Internet Centre (SIC) has been organising and coordinating Safer Internet Day (SID) since 2006, with various events around the country dedicated to SID. The number of other organisations who organise and conduct initiatives supporting SID has been continuously growing through the years.
Since 2017, the Safer Internet Centre has initiated and coordinates the activities of a national Coalition for Media Literacy consisting of 17 member organisations, with Media Literacy Days, starting from SID, being the landmark of their activities.

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