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Last updated: 2023-01-18

About our SID activities

As one of the 3 coordinating organizations on the programme in Africa, we are happy to inform you of the launch and celebration of the 2023 Africa Safer Internet Day (ASID), scheduled for Wednesday, 1st and Thursday, 7th February 2023 consecutively. The day is celebrated in collaborations with major stakeholders including parents, government, and Civil Society Organizations to raise awareness on the emerging digital and online issues that influences the experiences of children and young people in Africa.

In 2022 by consensus at the Safer Internet Forum (#SIF2022), participating institutions from 10 African countries have agreed the focus should be on Capacity Building. Therefore, the preferred sub-theme for 2023 is “Empowering the African Child on Safer Internet.”  

What we are doing to support the SID 2023 slogan of "Together for a better internet"…

With the goal of each participating country/organization to target 5000 people, the following interventions have been planned:

  1. Schools outreach sessions
  2. Community Outreach sessions
  3. Media outreach events
  4. Parents forum
  5. Policy dialogue 
  6. Industry showcase
  7. Youth voices

What we are doing to mark the 20th anniversary of Safer Internet Day…

We shall acknowledge the fact that Europe has gone a long way to get to where she is today and we can count  Africa lucky to be getting involved and not have to do 20 years to be better rather learn from the acceptable practice of Europe in order to improve Africa.

About us

The Safer Internet Centre (SIC) in Ghana in collaboration with ITU Regional Office in Africa and other partners with similar interest, introduce to you one of the annual flagships programme known as the Safer Internet Day (SID) as part of the European Union Better Internet for Kids (BIK) programme. 

The aim of the  SIC+ programme among other things, is to promote the development and implementation of innovative actions to increase the participation of third-country organizations in online safety initiatives and best practices, in particular education programmes and awareness-raising campaigns, as well as helpline and hotline services, while identifying possible areas for exchange and mutual learning. For an impactful event,we are observing Africa Safer Internet Day (ASID) under Safer Internet Day (SID). 

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