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Last updated: 2021-01-25

About our SID activities

Internet use is a common cause of conflict between parents and children. However, the age of children to reach out to the internet is becoming unprecedentedly earlier than before in the eLearning era and especially in the new norm of online learning caused by COVID-19. This campaign aims to provide support for frontline social workers and educators to empower the parents to be SMARTER in parenting, enhance the parents’ awareness and stimulate their reflections on positive parenting on internet use, and equip them with practical knowledge and tactics to deal with their children on internet use, and so as to enhance the families’ readiness and capability to become SMART families.

What we are doing to support the SID 2021 slogan of "Together for a better internet"…

In this campaign, three short public educational videos with cases and practical tactics will be created and disseminated to at least 400 parents by 4-5 NGO partners and local primary and secondary schools. A set of reflective worksheets and a SMART family pledge will be developed in parallel with the video themes, for examples, internet addiction, digital footprint and cyberbullying. In view of the current epidemic, online workshops will be launched in partnership with the NGO partners to guide towards positive parenting. Parents from NGO partners who watch videos, submit worksheets and a family pledge, and attended a sharing talk will be awarded with souvenirs for parent-child activities and certificates.

About us

WebOrganic aims to empowering the needy in ICT (information and communication technology) applications by enhancing their accessibility, knowledge and skills, and digital literacy to achieve digital inclusion. Regardless of age, race, economic or physical condition, people should have chance to access and make use of ICT for their learning and daily living, so as to enhance their quality of life.


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