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Telecommunications play a leading role in economic and human development. By providing access to the internet and by facilitating access to knowledge, FONDATION TELMA is positioning itself as a leading actor in the emancipation of local populations, and especially youth and children. Through its project "IT for all", FONDATION TELMA aims at making IT tools and the internet accessible to disadvantaged and/or disabled children and youth and also to their teachers/animators to encourage their openness to the world and to give them access to new knowledge, in a safe and controlled environment. 
FONDATION TELMA has selected centres, organisations, orphanages and foster care hosting disadvantaged and disabled young people to equip them in computers and an internet connection free of charge during two years and then with increasing fees during three years. From the sixth year the centre is supposed to be self-sustaining for its connection. At the beginning of the project, we also propose train-the-trainers courses for two adults/teachers of each centre. They will then be able to teach and supervise the children and young people in their learning process. 
Thanks to this programme, each beneficiary centre must offer and develop a suitable educational project based on the use of these technologies. The project is designed for five years, on which FONDATION TELMA propose a permanent follow-up and monitoring as well as training and maintenance. Some ongoing interventions are scheduled to focus on safety use of the internet and provide some useful tools to monitor efficiently the usage of internet.

What we are doing to support the SID 2020 slogan of "Together for a better internet"…

Backed by Telma's IT and telecommunication tools, FONDATION TELMA has developed welfare initiatives such as the "IT for all" program, initially implemented as a partnership with Microsoft, providing disadvantaged primary and secondary children computer training and access to the internet (see above). 
Throughout the year, Telma's IT managers and collaborators participate also in workgroups focused on safe usage of the internet among UN or Ministry led meetings, schools and universities, and so on. 
FONDATION TELMA is also a partner of the French NGO TSF (Telecoms Sans Frontières), very active in the region of Miarinarivo to offer a safe access to internet to the population.

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About us

FONDATION TELMA, recognised as a charity by decree in 2011, was set up under the initiative of TELMA Group (the historical Malagasy telecom operator) in order to respond efficiently to the development needs and to assist Madagascar in its social and environmental challenges. 
FONDATION TELMA favours a participatory approach of local communities and the implementation of selected projects in the following areas: New Technologies, Education, Health, Humanitarian Aid, Environment and Sustainable Development.
FONDATION TELMA develops long-term partnerships with organisations and associations recognised for their effectiveness in the implementation of projects that have a direct and lasting impact on improving the quality of life of local populations. 
FONDATION TELMA has also developed its own programmes like: Sekoly Telma (building schools all over the island and especially in remote areas – 82 schools built since 2017) ; "IT for all" (providing an internet high-speed connection, computers and train-the-trainers courses for to orphanages, centres or schools for disabled young people and children, centres for disadvantaged children, and so on. The project has been monitored by our team during five years to ensure that the centre is self-sustaining and self-directed).

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