Moldovan Safer Internet Day Committee

Last updated: 2024-01-17

About our SID activities

The Safer Internet Day (SID) 2024 campaign aims to raise awareness of online child sexual abuse. It seeks to inform the public how users can contribute to creating a safe online environment for children. The campaign emphasises the importance of reporting illegal content on the Internet, Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM), and encourages individuals to report such content. 

Additionally, we aim to raise awareness among professionals in the ICT industry regarding the existing mechanism for reporting child sexual abuse. We seek to encourage their support in removing such content online. 

What are we doing to create a better internet...

Since February 2019, on the occasion of Safer Internet Day,  teachers from across the country have conducted various activities as part of the annual "Together, for a better Internet" contest, launched in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Research. This year's edition aims to mobilise the school community in promoting messages on child online safety through various information and awareness activities.

As part of the SID 2024 campaign, we launched the "Online safety through children's eyes" drawing competition. This initiative is designed to foster children's creativity through drawings while raising awareness of the importance of online safety for the entire school community. We also plan to create a video to inform the general public about online sexual abuse and encourage communities to actively participate in reporting such cases. For the second year, we will organise the Ideathon wherein children/students will actively participate and be guided by the teaching staff. Together, they will collaborate to find solutions to a specific problem identified within the educational institution concerning online safety. 

About us

As the National SID Committee, "La Strada Moldova" implements the campaign of the international initiative in the Republic of Moldova, with the slogan "Together for a better Internet". Our mission includes raising awareness about online safety, promoting responsible internet use, and fostering a positive digital environment. We collaborate with various stakeholders, including government bodies, NGOs, schools, and the private sector, to develop and implement initiatives that address online safety issues. The SigurOnline team organises events, campaigns, and educational programmes to engage the community and encourage safer internet practices.

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