Moldavian Safer Internet Day Committee

About our SID activities

The SID 2020 campaign in Moldova aims to raise awareness about online child sexual abuse and reduce vulnerability of children online, by promoting safe online behaviours.
In order to raise awareness of 11–14 year old teenagers, La Strada is going to launch a media Instagram campaign and a peer-to-peer video series where children talk about important issues related online safe behaviours.
In partnership with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, will be conducting a contest for teachers to encourage innovative ideas and creative activities involving children, about child safety online. Further, a national workshop gathering teachers from all over the country will be organised, in order to exchange best SID practices undertaken in their schools, engaging children. Additionally, an awareness-raising activity about online child sexual exploitation, with all school psychologists from one district from Moldova, will be conducted.
In collaboration with the specialised Cybercrime Unit from the police, La Strada's Child Safeguarding Team is going to debrief with local police to promote child-oriented interventions in cases of online child sexual abuse.
Moreover, a dedicated offline event for parents will be organised in order to discuss positive approaches to education about online safety of their children.
Promotional materials will be distributed to children, parents and frontline professionals.

What we are doing to support the SID 2020 slogan of "Together for a better internet"…

The slogan "Together for a better internet" will be the topic of the contest involving teachers with their students in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research. Through all the activities, children will speak out about what is a better internet for them and who are the others to be responsible that every child is safe in the online environment. Children's voices will be represented in the materials they are going to create which will be shared for their peers, parents and teachers.

About us

Our mission
La Strada Moldova exists and operates to ensure respect of the rights and legal interests of children to stay free from violence at all levels – individual, legislative and executive. We do so by applying a comprehensive change model to our work, through information and education, providing direct support and assistance to children who suffered from online sexual exploitation or sexual abuse, strengthening communities and development of policies.
Our tools and services
In recent years, La Strada Moldova has brought more visibility to the issue of child safety online at national level and put it higher on the public agenda by delivering a wide range of activities:
  • Organises national awareness campaigns to mark Safer Internet Day.
  • Developed, launched and expended a national educational portal about safety online, representing a resource platform for children, their parents and educators.
  • Operates an online helpline that aims to provide counselling in all cases related to child safety online issues and a safe reporting mechanism available on for online child sexual abuse cases.
  • Developed and launched a specialised programme for teachers and schools designed to increase the quality and effectiveness of a whole-school community approach to online safety.
  • Delivers awareness-raising activities for parents to empower them efficiently prevent and intervene in cases of online child abuse.
  • Provides legal representation and psychological support during criminal proceedings to children who suffered from online sexual exploitation or sexual abuses.
  • Advocates for the promotion of online safety of children and adolescents in national policies, being the lead NGO involved in the development of the first National Action Plan in the area.
  • Conducts national research concerning the interests, practices and specific risks that children face online.
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