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Last updated: 2024-03-04

About our SID activities

SID  will take place at the headquarter of ICTA (Information and Communication Technologies Authority), in Türkiye. 

Almost all stakeholders will be present on the day including related NGOs, representatives of universities, secondary and high school students and their educators and parents, social media organisations, and search engines like Google, Meta, and TikTok.

At the center of ICTA building, all participant firms and NGOs will set up a table with several informative and entertaining activities. They will bring some promotions and we will add some gifts and informative scripts on several topics including effective and conscious use of the internet, online privacy, online health, and so on - which will be distributed to students.

SIC Türkiye Psychologists and Sociologists will give different seminars for secondary and high school students, parents, and educators, simultaneously in different rooms.

As this year's focus is youngsters, we will try to encourage youth participation. Within this framework, we have done street interviews with young people on particular topics like cyberbullying, health on the internet, and online privacy. We will show some parts of these interviews during the day on the screens, and our social media accounts.

What we are doing to create a better internet…

In order to raise awareness, the following activities are regularly carried out by the Safer Internet Center Türkiye:

  1. The helpline for all internet users was set up under the Safer Internet Center to help mainly children and families with online safety issues. It consists of eight main topics such as information security, cyberbullying, illegal content, social media, digital games, and so on. Users can get information from a Frequently Asked Questions system under these eight topics. If they cannot find any content they want, they can contact the helpline of the Safer Internet Center and get advice from the center via an online form or by call center ALO 141. Approximately 6,000 requests to internetyardim.org.tr and 80,000 calls to the ALO 141 Internet Helpline were treated in 2023.
  2. For the conscious, safe, and effective use of the internet, regular training programs are being held at schools, mainly for children, teachers, and families. The main goal of these seminars is to raise awareness and educate families and children about the safer use of the internet. In 2023, the center organised 167 seminars and training programs. We had the opportunity to reach around 25,500 people. 
  3. Safer Internet Service (SIS) enables families in Türkiye to add another layer of protection in shielding their children from explicit content online. This service was developed by the BTK and local internet service providers, prioritising responsible internet usage. SIS introduces two profiles: Child and Family. The Child Profile, curated for young users, grants access only to pre-approved, secure websites, ensuring protection from strangers and harmful material. The Family Profile operates on a "banned list" principle, restricting harmful content like obscenity and violence. Parents can customise their journey by choosing to disable game, social media, and chat sites. This service is free and easy to subscribe to via SMS or other methods. www.guvenlinet.org.tr.  
  4. In order to raise awareness concerning the safe use of the internet, up-to-date and comprehensive content including news, articles and announcements are shared through our Safe Web website (www. guvenliweb.org.tr). Also, the Safe Kid website (www.guvenlicocuk.org.tr) provides services for children including games, activities, competitions, and training. In order to raise awareness about games, updated and comprehensive content such as news, articles and digital game reviews are shared on the Safe Play website (www.guvenlioyna.org.tr). Digital game reviews are evaluated by considering features such as violence, obscenity, swearing, in-game purchases, and age ratings of the games are also included.
  5. We publish and distribute various guide booklets and brochures on safer use of the internet, free of charge, to create awareness and consciousness and continue to develop various projects with related stakeholders. 
  6. Safer Internet Center Türkiye, in collaboration with the Access Providers Association (ESB) and other local NGOs have introduced the Safer Internet Truck with the aim that creating a platform for children and youth who have limited access to technology countrywide. This truck serves as a rolling education hub, teaching children about coding, virtual reality, and most importantly, the conscious and safe use of the internet. Since the beginning, it has visited over 200 schools in different provinces in Türkiye, welcoming on board over 80,000 children. Planning to reach more locations across the country, the Safer Internet Trucks will bring the digital world closer to youth, fostering a safer and smarter future.
  7. Digital Privacy Guide for Children was prepared and made available in 2020. Digital Privacy Guide for Parents was prepared and made available in 2021.  
  8. It is aimed to create a series of books on different subjects in order to contribute to the dissemination of “digital literate produces-protects-shares”, to create social awareness for the conscious, safe and effective use of the internet, and to contribute to the development of positive content for the transition from the information society to the love society, within the scope of the Open Source Project and with the open source philosophy by removing the barriers to accessing information in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT). The first book of this series published in 2020 as "Digital Literacy: Tools, Methodologies, Practices, and Recommendations" book. In 2021, the subject of "Digital Games" was included as the second book of the series, and two separate book series were created: "Technology of Digital Games" and "Psychology of Digital Games" and This series published in 2022. In 2023, the subject of " Technological and Human Dimension of Digitalisation" was included as the fourth book of the Open Source Project and they will be published in 2024. 
  9. The report on the “Conscious and Safe Internet Use Experiences and Habits of Children and Parents in Turkey” was prepared and published in 2022. 
  10. The report on the “Conscious and Safe Internet Use Experiences and Habits of Children and Parents in Turkey” was prepared and published in 2023. 

About us

The Safer Internet Centre Türkiye was established in 2017 – which operates under the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA), Türkiye. 

With its three units – the Awareness Center, Helpline, and Hotline – the Centre guides parents, carers, guardians, educators, communities, public/private sectors, NGOs, and governmental organisations, in Türkiye, on how to protect children and Turkish society online.

By working with stakeholders like related NGOs and service providers, the Centre also organises several events, seminars, and training programs to inform children and young people about the reliable, efficient, and conscious use of the internet.

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