Celebrating Safer Internet Day in times of social distancing

Safer Internet Day (SID) is getting close. On Tuesday, 9 February 2021, SID will take place across the world, once again with a theme of “Together for a better internet”. While we recognise that celebrations may look different for this edition as we all adapt to COVID-19 constraints, there are still many ways for you to get involved in Safer Internet Day, even from the comfort of your own home!


With restrictive measures still in place to mitigate the effects of the pandemic in many parts of the world, many Safer Internet Centres in Europe and Safer Internet Day Committees and Supporters around the globe have opted for fully digital activities to celebrate SID 2021. With plans for the big day taking shape across the globe, we can safely say that our supporters have proven resilient and creative. While many supporters will focus their efforts on running awareness campaigns online, many live events are also planned, despite the restrictions. 

The great thing about online events is that their nature makes it possible for a much wider audience to attend them than would be possible in face-to-face settings. Below is a selection of conferences, seminars, events and activities celebrating SID and taking place online – which one are you planning to join?

Safer Internet Day 2021 remote activities for children and young people

In Estonia, where SID celebrations will focus on false information online, the Estonian Safer Internet Centre has launched an online event for children and young people where they can create memes on the topic. Likewise, the UK Safer Internet Centre is launching a BBC Live Lesson on online safety and reliability online on SID, as well as a livestreamed assembly and learning session in partnership with Liverpool Football Club. The Nepal SID Committee will hold a (virtual) panel discussion with young people on online violence and digital rights

Meanwhile, the Belgian Safer Internet Centre is hosting the #Betternet Inspiration Day, an online day of inspiration dedicated to a better internet for children and young people. The Oman SID Committee will launch a cyber treasure hunt competition. The Croatian Safer Internet Centre is preparing an online quiz for children and youth about online safety, similarly to the Latvian Safer Internet Centre, which is launching a nationwide quiz on online safety

The Ghana SID Committee will also organise its training programme online for young people aged 12-14, with a focus on digital literacy and citizenship, and is also releasing a set of resources for socially distanced activities for SID. The Italian Safer Internet Centre will mark SID with a livestreamed event dedicated to students, which the Italian Minister of Education will attend. In Slovenia, improvisers from the IGLU Theatre will perform an interactive online show for students titled “Wellbeing and the internet”.

Safer Internet Day 2021 remote activities for parents and carers

In Denmark, where SID 2021 celebrations will revolve around gaming among children aged 10-12, the Danish Safer Internet Centre will launch pedagogical resources, publish the results of a study, and host a live webinar for parents on the topic. In Norway, the theme of SID 2021 will be parenthood and digital media, and a seminar on the topic will be hosted online by the Norwegian Safer Internet Centre, with the participation of several Heads of Norwegian Ministries, and researchers. The Australia SID Committee is organising a webinar for parents, “Cyberbullying and online drama”. 

As the average time we all spend on digital devices has considerably grown over the past year, the Slovenian Safer Internet Centre will launch an award contest for families focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle. The Hong Kong SID Committee will hold online workshops on positive parenting with regards to online safety. The Nepal SID Committee will hold a panel discussion with parents and children to understand their views on online safety. 

Safer Internet Day 2021 remote activities for teachers and educators

Many SID supporters are replacing face to face activities with educational materials. The Croatian Safer Internet Centre is preparing educational packs for schools and organisations, while the Nepal SID Committee has prepared a set of online learning modules for pupils. The Brazil SID Committee has also launched a range of videos produced by young people from their Digital Citizen programme for use in remote activities with schools across the country, inviting users to review their digital habits.

In many countries, such as Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, online events for teachers and students will be organised. The Irish Safer Internet Centre has produced a list of socially distanced ideas of activities to mark SID, for educators and students.

Many webinars for teachers and educators will also be organised. The Italian Safer Internet Centre will hold, throughout the month of February, a range of online information webinars dedicated to online safety. The UK Safer Internet Centre is organising an after-school “surgery” session for teachers and educators seeking support with online safety issues. The Australia SID Committee is kicking off its new Virtual Classroom webinar for primary schools, “Be an eSafe kid: Fake news, real harms”.

Safer Internet Day 2021 remote activities for wider stakeholders

For a wider audience interested in better internet issues, many SID actions are also foreseen across the world. To quote only a few exciting plans, the UK Safer Internet Centre is hosting a livestreamed event for policy makers and decision-makers on the day of SID, featuring young people discussing their views on aspects of trust and reliability online. The Nigeria SID Committee is organising a webinar on online safety for representatives from the field of education, media, civil society organisations and government agencies. Likewise, the Rwanda SID Committee is hosting two webinars on children’s online safety for a general audience. Last but not least, the Nepal SID Committee will host a panel discussion with influencers, social activists, journalists and organisations.

While a major proportion of organisations supporting SID 2021 have opted for online activities, some celebrations will still take place in a face-to-face format in some countries – have a look at SID 2021 plans in Morocco, Cambodia, or Zimbabwe, among others.

Safer Internet Day is on Tuesday, 9 February 2021. If you are looking for ways to get involved in the global rally for a better internet, visit www.saferinternetday.org/join, support SID on Twitter and Facebook, and spread the word on social media using #SaferInternetDay and #SID2021

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