Celebrating Safer Internet Day 2022 in Australia with eSafety

On Tuesday, 8 February 2022, we celebrated the 19th edition of Safer Internet Day (SID) across the globe, including in Australia. The Australian Office of the eSafety Commissioner, in its role of Safer Internet Day Committee for Australia, shares the main insights of the events that took place to celebrate the day. 

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The Australian Safer Internet Day 2022 campaign garnered support from educators and students, workplaces, community groups, families, government, and the professional sports community. 

eSafety’s sub-theme for this year, "play it fair online", focused on building positive online behaviours. While in 2021 we asked Australians to "start the chat" about online safety at home, school and in the workplace, this year, we encouraged audiences to share simple tips on actions we can all take to make the internet a better place. 

The eSafety Commissioner also launched important youth research, generating significant media coverage, and new resources for educators, families, and community including supporter kits, videos, and tailored stakeholder communications.  

How did Australians support Safer Internet Day 2022? 

The Australian Safer Internet Day campaign relies on supporters spreading the word to their networks. We are fortunate to have continued support from some of Australia’s largest companies, who expand our reach by producing videos, hosting training sessions and webinars, publishing blogs and showing support on social media. In 2022, we saw a new depth of involvement from supporters and much richer engagement with online safety content and concepts. This highlights the fact that Australians are becoming more familiar with online safety and making these issues a priority. 

This year saw once again staggering support for the campaign, with 26,000 visits to the Safer Internet Day page, over 5,000 campaign kit download and over 4,000 resource downloads, as well as 41,500 participants in virtual classrooms and webinars. On media outlets, 800 media stories were published and broadcast, and the hashtag trended on Twitter, reaching millions of Australians. 

We look forward to celebrating 2023 and the 20th anniversary of this important, global event. Please visit esafety.gov.au for a summary of the Safer Internet Day campaign and to learn more about the work of Australia’s eSafety Commissioner. 

You can also find more information about Safer Internet Day activities in Australia on the Safer Internet Day website

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