Safer Internet Day 2023 events in Estonia

This year, the focus of the Safer Internet Day (SID) campaign in Estonia was on data sharing, privacy and digital skills with the slogan “My data is my property”.

Graphic design of the main SID event featuring an open laptop with a lot of apps symbols around it.

As in recent years, the Estonian Safer Internet Centre invited schools and kindergartens, youth centres and libraries to organise thematic events for children and students. All the mentioned institutions received a package of thematic educational materials, available on Estonian Safer Internet Centre website. The package contains new thematic materials, for example lesson plans, competitions, online tests, games, exercises, videos etc. to give ideas how to celebrate Safer Internet Day with children and students.

Thematic education materials on Estonian Safer Internet Centre Website. Credits: Estonian SIC

All awareness-raising activities were registered on the Estonian SIC website and were placed on the Estonian map of Safer Internet Day events 2023. Altogether, more than 9,500 children and students participated in 100 Safer Internet Day awareness-raising events in 85 organisations. For example, teachers and youth workers organised thematic lessons and workshops for students, carried out online and offline quizzes and online tests, watched thematic videos and made posters with pupils, etc.

Map of Safer Internet Day events in Estonia. Credits: Estonian SIC

On Safer Internet Day 2023, a thematic webinar for teachers “Data protection and cybersecurity for teachers” was organised by the Estonian SIC. On the 9 February 2023, the Estonian Safer Internet Centre, together with Telia Estonia, organised a webinar for parents “How we are really doing online?” in order to discuss with parents and experts how to support the appropriate use of the internet and smart devices by their children. Webinars have been viewed 16,700 times and are available for the target groups on the Safer Internet Centre website even after the end of the SID campaign.

The coordinating organisation of the Estonian Safer Internet Centre, Estonian Union for Child Welfare, regularly publishes the web journal ‘Notice a child’ (Märka last), the objective of which is to raise awareness of children’s rights in Estonian society. In the framework of the Safer Internet Day campaign a special edition of the magazine ‘Smartly on the Web (Targalt internetis) was published. In the magazine, you can find articles about online privacy and risks, about datafication, data protection in schools, sexting, digital waste, parents as role models and how they can support their children in the use of online technologies, information about the helpline and hotline, etc. In addition, these articles were disseminated via the Estonian SIC social media channels and some of these articles were published on national news portals to reach even more people aiming to give knowledge for better understanding of online risks and challenges and to support children’s positive use of digital technologies.

Cover page of the SID thematic special edition of online magazine Märka Last (Notice a Child)

This year's Safer Internet Day events attracted the attention of the general public. The topic was covered in various media portals, in different radio channels and in different TV channels evening news, as well as in the Estonian Public Broadcasting TV show for children and young people “Nova”.

All the above information, materials and articles are available on the website for children, parents and teachers to be used also after the Safer Internet Day celebrations.

Find out more information about the work of the Estonian Safer Internet Centre (SIC) generally, including its awareness raising, helpline, hotline and youth participation services, or find similar information for Safer Internet Centres throughout Europe.

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