Wide celebrations for Safer Internet Day 2023 in Nigeria

In Nigeria, Safer Internet Day 2023 was celebrated with a series of panels discussing some among the most pressing safer internet issues. The goal of the activities of the day was to to create awareness for a safer internet, where everyone has the ability to utilise technology responsibly, politely, critically, and creatively. 95 students from seven schools, along with 50 teachers, parents, and media and government agencies participated in the event.

A young girl giving a speech in her classroom

The day started by 10:10 AM, when two students led in the singing of the Nigeria national anthem. A welcome address by Mr. Felix Iziomoh, the Executive Director of the International Centre for Leadership Development Nigeria, where he warmly welcomed all students and teachers present from different schools within the locality.

Several speeches by the Director of ICLDN, the Education District Desk Officer Mrs. Rahaman Shakirat followed, to introduce the scope of the activities of the day, and then the students were involved in an ice breaker activity to interact with one another, exchanging greetings and getting to know each other.

The first topic of discussion was digital literacy with Mr. Adedoyin Adedeji (Chief Operating Officer at ICLDNG) as the speaker. As a computer analyst, he shared with the participants how they can use the internet productively and in a safer way. He advised that every internet user should be conscious about potential security threats by protecting their personal information online with strong passwords. He warned against posting information that may hinder one’s personal growth and safety in the future.

The second topic of discussion was consequences of cybercrime, with Justina Onyekwere from the Nigerian Police Force as the speaker. She spoke to the participants about cybercrime and its consequences, she narrated how a young boy was arrested recently for defrauding a POS operator of over 800,000 dollars via the internet. She said that cybercrime has created a lot of distrust in people doing business on the internet and that a lot of companies have incurred great losses. The students responded to her presentation with questions in order to deepen their knowledge on the subject matter of the session.

The third topic of discussion was the positive use of the internet, with Ibe Chris, founder of the African Youth Initiative on Crime Prevention as the speaker. He illustrated to the participants true life examples of a good use of the internet, which can create a lot of opportunities for positive personal growth and development.

The students were then engaged in a quiz competition to educate them more on how to use internet in a safer way.

For more information, visit the Safer Internet Day Committee profile page of the International Centre for Leadership Development Nigeria.

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