Malta embraces Safer Internet Day: promoting online safety and digital literacy initiatives

Safer Internet Day is a global initiative emphasising the positive aspects of the internet and the need for online safety. The Directorate for Digital Literacy and Transversal Skills in Malta encourages educators, parents, and students to contribute to a safer online environment by organising activities throughout the month. The Maltese Safer Internet Centre outlines specific initiatives, including a debate on disinformation and an ongoing online course. 

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In Malta, a statement related to Safer Internet Day was also circulated among most schools and other educational settings.

The statement was: 

Safer Internet Day is a global celebration that highlights the opportunities the internet has to offer and the importance of making it a safer place. This year's Safer Internet Day is going to be held on Tuesday, 7th February 2023. The Directorate for Digital Literacy and Transversal Skills (DDLTS) promotes the use of the internet in a meaningful way and encourages all educators, parents, and students to play their part in creating a better experience using the internet for everyone.

During this month, schools are kindly encouraged to organise activities related to internet safety and record the activities organised in Malta

As part of the Safer Internet Day activities in Malta: 

The Directorate for Digital Literacy and Transversal Skills is going to organise a debate on Friday, 24 February 2023, in collaboration with the Migrant Learners Unit, the Education Officer for Ethics within the Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes and the Education Officer for Counselling within the National Support Services. The theme is “Disinformation, misinformation, hate speech and cyberbullying”. 

Educators are also informed that the Facts4All MOOC is still open. This course was coordinated by European Schoolnet together with our Directorate and two other partners, Mediawijs and Faktabaari EDU. Faced with the scourge of online disinformation and the emergence of fake news, internet users are encouraged to develop critical thinking. The Facts4All project invites primary and secondary school teachers to join its new course to develop and implement effective whole-school approaches to foster critical thinking and tackle online disinformation.  

For more information about Safer Internet Day and how to get involved, visit      

Find out more about the work of the Maltese Safer Internet Centre, including its awareness raising, helpline, hotline and youth participation services – or find similar information for Safer Internet Centres throughout Europe.    

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