Safer Internet Day 2024 in Poland

The Polish Safer Internet Day conference was held at the Palladium Theatre in Warsaw on Tuesday, 6 February 2024, addressed to representatives of the educational sector, non-governmental organisations, and practitioners working with children.

Polish Safer Internet Day banner

The event was broadcast live online with over 2,000 people participating; the high turnout shows that internet safety education is significant to the Polish public. The conference was recorded and is now available online, reaching many additional viewers.

For the 2024 edition of Safer Internet Day, the Polish Safer Internet Centre provided a range of digital educational materials via its website. Additionally, schools, libraries, and other educational institutions were invited to prepare awareness-raising campaigns, online classes and other activities throughout February and March. As of the beginning of March 2024, more than 3,850 local Safer Internet Day initiatives were registered. In addition, a special series of 20 webinars for professionals was prepared throughout February. The webinars attracted high levels of interest, with more than 4,500 participants overall. Correspondingly, more than 30 online lessons were prepared for school students, and more than 140,500 children and young people participated during February alone (the online lessons also continued into March).

The Polish version of the SID slogan #Działajmy razem (which translates to Let's act together!) helped to gather a broad spectrum of stakeholders, while leading IT businesses such as Orange, Samsung, Google, Meta, Librus, and Cyfrowa Polska partnered with the Safer Internet Centre on this year’s actions. National institutions such as the Ministry of Digital Affairs, the Ministry of Education and the Ombudsman for Children also provided honorary patronage to the events.

Safer Internet Day in Poland is organised by the Polish Safer Internet Centre, which consists of the NASK National Research Institute and the Empowering Children Foundation. Discover more about Safer Internet Day in Poland or learn more about the work of the Polish Safer Internet Centre more generally.

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