Safer Internet Day 2024 in Malta: engaging activities for children and families

On Tuesday, 6 February 2024, the Maltese Safer Internet Centre celebrated Safer Internet Day 2024 under the theme Together for a better internet. The increasing prevalence of cyberbullying and other online risks underscored the critical need for collaborative efforts to create a safer online environment. Additionally, members of the public were invited to join the celebration and actively participate in the planned events, reinforcing the message that collectively, we can build a safer and more responsible digital space for all.

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Event highlights:

On Tuesday, 13 February 2024, BeSmartOnline! hosted an information day in Valletta featuring various activities promoting online safety and responsible digital citizenship. The Instax campaign, a highlight of the day, encouraged young people to engage in discussions on online safety while capturing moments with a Polaroid. Stickers with valuable online safety tips were attached to the back of the photos, creating tangible reminders. Sports Malta also collaborated, promoting online/offline balance through physical activities. Resources and freebies related to online safety were disseminated during the event.

This event was a major success, especially as it coincided with winter recess and the carnival weekend. As a result, many families took the opportunity to visit Valletta.

Face painting and balloon-making activities helped to draw families to the Maltese Safer Internet Centre stand

Youth panel video:

Coordinated by the Office for the Commissioner for Children, the Safer Internet Centre’s youth panel launched an engaging video centred around the SID 2024 theme in Malta of digital footprints. The video, featuring young people and consortium partners, was uploaded on the Safer Internet Centre's website and social media platforms, encouraging schools to showcase it during assemblies on Tuesday, 6 February 2024.

Continued Initiatives:

Building on the success of previous years, BeSmartOnline! organised a songwriting competition and subsequently transformed the winning song into a lyric video distributed to primary schools. Additionally, this year, two resources on digital footprints for primary and middle/secondary school children were added to the Safer Internet Day toolkit.

Throughout February, student events in post-secondary schools were held, targeting approximately 20,000 students. Information about online safety, the Safer Internet Centre, and hotline resources were shared, along with notebooks and tote bags. Students were invited to take Polaroid photos with online safety tips.

Media Outreach:

In the weeks surrounding Safer Internet Day, BeSmartOnline! team members participated in various media slots on national television and radio stations.

Find out more about Safer Internet Day in Malta or learn more about the work of the Maltese Safer Internet Centre more generally.

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