Last updated: 2024-02-06

About our SID activities

This Safer Internet Day 2024, we're excited to announce that we're working closely with organisations and teens from around the world to develop an aspirational charter that helps us understand how teens want to feel on Discord, while informing the ways we build new products and features to keep them safe on the platform.
Along with our work on the charter, we’re also building more product features to protect and empower teens. Last fall, we announced our Teen Safety Assist initiative with safety alerts on senders and sensitive content filters, and we’re about to release our next feature: safety alerts in chat.

What we are doing to create a better internet...

At Discord, we’re constantly working to make our platform the best place for our users, including teens, to hang out online. We’re consulting the clinical researchers at the Digital Wellness Lab and NoFiltr’s Youth Innovation Council and engaging our own global focus groups to not only better understand how teens want to feel on Discord but also what it takes to ensure they feel that way. 
Based on our findings, we’ll then partner with teens to co-create a charter that outlines the rights teens have online and the best-case scenarios for authentically expressing themselves and hanging out with friends in digital spaces. While our community guidelines explain what isn’t allowed on Discord, these new principles will ultimately guide users to take on a shared responsibility in creating a fun and comfortable space to talk and hang out with their friends.

About us

Founded in 2015, Discord is a voice, video, and text communications platform that brings people together over shared experiences and gives everyone a place to belong. With over 150 million monthly active users across 19 million servers, Discord helps friends and communities of all sizes come together to hang out and explore their interests. Discord offers a premium subscription called Nitro that gives users special perks like higher-quality streams and fun customisations.

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