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Last updated: 2021-02-01

About our SID activities

The eSafety Label (eSL) project supports campaigns and initiatives that fall within its remit, such as Safer Internet Day (SID). During this year's SID, we will share Safer Internet Day messages through our communication channels to raise awareness about the importance of online safety. Moreover, some teachers from the eSafety Label community have planned activities with their pupils.

What we are doing to support the SID 2021 slogan of "Together for a better internet"…

Online safety has never been more important, which is why we are a proud supporter of Safer Internet Day. Given the ever-increasing use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in schools, the eSafety Label project provides much-needed support to teachers, ICT coordinators and headteachers, to ensure a safe and enriching online environment for pupils in Europe and beyond.

About us

The eSafety Label is a Europe-wide accreditation and support service for schools, aiming to provide a secure and enriching environment for safe access to online technology as part of the teaching and learning experience.
The eSafety Label website aims to be a one-stop shop for teachers, head of schools and ICT administrators when it comes to:
  1. evaluating their school's online safety.
  2. taking action to improve and reinforce it.
  3. sharing best practices among their peers.
Thanks to the eSafety Label Community, schools can review their own online safety infrastructure, policy and practices against national and international standards. The eSafety Label Community consists of more than 17,000 teachers and contact points (Ministries of Education, universities, Safer Internet Centres, and so on) from 62 countries.

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