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Last updated: 2021-01-27

About our SID activities

The EUCPN Thematic Paper no. 11 - Cyber Safety is written by the EUCPN Secretariat following the topic of the Estonian Presidency of the Network. It gives a theoretical insight into what Cyber Safety is. We take interest in what the exact object is of cybercrime and have a deeper look into two European policy priorities, namely cyber-attacks and payment fraud. The goal of this paper is to add to the digital awareness of local policy makers and practitioners on a theoretical level - read the paper on the EUCPN website.
In 2018, EUCPN published a toolbox with legislative measures, existing policies and best practices on this topic, which can be used by practitioners.
In 2017, the European Crime Prevention Award (ECPA) had Cyber Safety as its theme. The ECPA is a contest that rewards the best European crime prevention project. All good practices from the winners and participants of the ECPA 2017 can be found on the EUCPN website.

What we are doing to support the SID 2021 slogan of "Together for a better internet"…

The European Crime Prevention Network (EUCPN) will promote the Safer Internet Day (SID) campaign through its website and social media.

About us

EUCPN is the European Crime Prevention Network. The Network aims to connect the local, national and European level and to promote crime prevention knowledge and practices among the EU Member States. 
The objectives of the EUCPN are to develop the various aspects of crime prevention at the Union level, taking account of the EU crime prevention strategy, to support crime prevention activities and good practices at the national and local level, and to contribute to the development and the promotion of a multidisciplinary and preventive approach to crime and feelings of insecurity at European level. In order to reach these objectives, the Network actively supports policymakers and practitioners at European, national and local level. Likewise, relevant EU and international agencies, organisations, working groups, etc. are target groups. 
What we do:
  • Expand the EUCPN database (good practices, policy, research, etc.).
  • Develop crime prevention campaigns.
  • Research on crime prevention.
  • Deliver output: toolboxes, policy papers, newsletters, monitors, and so on.
  • Represent the EUCPN externally and promote crime prevention.
  • Organise meetings and workshops with experts, stakeholders, Crime Prevention Councils, and so on.


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