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Last updated: 2021-02-02

About our SID activities

Givero is a registered social enterprise also called a socio-economic enterprise, it’s a private enterprise that runs a business with the purpose – through its work and earnings – to promote social and socially beneficial purposes.
We make it possible for people to support good causes by doing everyday tasks, like searching online – and the revenue earned are donated to good causes - find the good causes here.
Our services are easy to use and remove the barrier of paying a direct donation to a good cause. You support charities simply by using our services.
Please share Givero with your friends and let’s make an impact - not only a better internet, but a brighter future - together.

What we are doing to support the SID 2021 slogan of "Together for a better internet"…

Change your search engine and change the world in three steps:
  1. Make Givero your search engine
    The beauty of Givero is that it costs you nothing to raise money for a good cause close to your heart. And the more people use our search engine, the more we raise together.
  2. Select a cause close to your heart
    The Givero team hand-picked a small but diverse group of non-profit organisations. All doing incredible work You can choose one or more causes you want to support.
  3. Start helping while you search the web
    Using your search engine to help raise money has never been easier or more flexible. You're just a few steps away from earning money for good causes.
With the Givero search engine  you make a positive impact while you search the web.

About us

Our safe search engine is built to make you feel at home. We've taken extensive measures to keep you safe and secure when you use our search engine.
We are not only creating a better internet, but a better world and our servers run on green energy from renewable sources. The Givero servers run entirely on green energy generated from renewable resources, which keep their environmental footprint to a minimum.

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