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Last updated: 2021-10-13

About our SID activities

ISFE will show support for the important SID activities via positive communications with the press and on our social media.

What we are doing to support the SID 2021 theme of "Together for a better internet"...

As an industry, our attention to the protection of minors is in our DNA. Europe's video games companies constantly strive to enable our young players to enjoy their games in a safe environment thanks to parental controls on games and consoles and the Pan European Gaming Information system (PEGI) used in 38 countries around Europe.
Tips for parents along with the industry's actions to promote the use of parental control tools, and responsible gameplay across Europe can be found on ISFE's website.
The constantly-modernised PEGI age rating and content descriptors are best-in-class examples of co- and self-regulation that enable measures for the protection of minors to keep step with fast-moving industry and game developments.
In an ever-evolving online environment, it is key that parents establish a dialogue with their children and take an interest in their online activity and the video games industry takes measures to actively encourage and facilitate that. Industry research also shows that families that play together and/or take the time to discuss video game play with their children have the healthiest relationship with video game playing, see the greatest rewards from play and have the fewest arguments about play time.
Some of the many responsible gameplay features adopted by all ISFE members include PEGI age-ratings and content descriptors, and parental controls that allow a parent to set time limits, in-game spending limits or blocks, privacy settings and age-filtering for video games and online content.

About us

Since 1998, ISFE has insured that the voice of a responsible games ecosystem is heard and understood, that its creative and economic potential is supported and celebrated, and that players around the world continue to enjoy great video game playing experiences. 
ISFE represents the video games industry in Europe and is based in Brussels, Belgium. Our membership comprises national trade associations in 18 countries across Europe which represent in turn thousands of developers and publishers at national level. ISFE also has as direct members the leading European and international video game companies.

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