Last updated: 2023-01-30

About our SID activities

On Safer Internet Day (SID), we will be creating content on three levels:
  • Public - social media: We will post pieces of advice and offer free tools in order to build a secure internet together, day by day.
  • Private - newsletters: We will send newsletters to those people who already are part of our database and receive our weekly news. They will have deeper insights about safer internet and will probably answer questionnaires to evaluate their own knowledge.
  • Exclusive - SMARTFENSE platform: We will create content (training, newsletters, simulations, exams) that will provide personalised guidance to help users improve their habits on the internet. That content will be available on our platform, and administrators will be able to edit or distribute it to their own people.

What we are doing to create a better internet…

  • We conduct webinars oriented to CISOS in which we give tips and explain the benefits of executing an awareness plan in an organization. 
  • We periodically write blog posts with our own content on cybersecurity topics.
  • In our social networks we publish daily specific content for CISOS, promoting the sending of phishing and ransomware simulation campaigns and helping them with ideas on types of campaigns they can run from our platform and what content they can share with their organization. 
  • We create Interactive Modules that combine different interaction methods, multimedia content, and GBL (Game-Based Learning). This allows the organization's users to assimilate the different training topics fluently and entertainingly.

About us

SMARTFENSE is the online Information Security training and awareness platform internationally awarded which develops safe habits in end users.

By applying the latest technological trends and best pedagogical practices in e-learning and gamification, contents are shown to users pleasantly and interactively to achieve a real and permanent change in behavior.

Our awareness platform also includes Phishing and Ransomware simulation components to measure the effectiveness of the actions performed and to know the development of users’ behavior objectively.

SMARTFENSE was created to give a full solution to organizations that are looking for a simple and quick implementation, with a coverage of all the topics and metrics that show behavior changes.

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