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About our SID activities

For SID 2019, we have updated our safe social app for children, LEGO Life. It introduces the LEGO safety pledge when you first open the app, and introduces Captain Safety, our LEGO Minifigure, who will be providing contextual safety guidance throughout the app.

What we are doing to support the SID 2019 slogan of "Together for a better internet"…

Through quizzes, competitions and other activities, we will drive awareness of the Safer Internet Day 2019 theme. These actions will take place in our popular safe social media for children, LEGO Life.

About us

The LEGO® Group recognises the unique challenges when developing digital content for young audiences, and the importance of properly protecting children when online. 
Therefore, the LEGO® Group follows the strictest policies for safeguarding children's online privacy.
We have also developed, and continue to develop, our own stringent code of conduct. In addition to this exhaustive rulebook, the LEGO® Group employs highly trained moderators to check each and every message board and gallery posting. 
Just as we demand exceptionally high safety standards from our physical toys, we do the same from our digital products, striving to protect children from unsuitable material and unwelcome behaviour. All of this has established the LEGO® Group's digital collective as a benchmark in safe online experiences for children.


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