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Last updated: 2024-02-05

About our SID activities

Protecting kids online is X's number one priority. Over the past months, we have made significant investments in fighting child sexual abuse online, removing 12,4 million accounts globally engaged with this kind of content - real or computer generated - and we will continue to prioritise this work. X is also an active participant in the Child Protection Laboratory and a member of Point de Contact's Disrupt Project, preventing the sharing of NCII of teens on the platform. We exchange and cooperate with child protection NGOs, such as e-enfance/3018, when it comes to fighting online harassment of children and young people. We are very proud to contribute to the conversation to keep children safe online and to step up our cooperation with BIK in the context of the Safer Internet Day 2024, while supporting their campaigns through our Ads for Good programme. 

What we are doing to create a better internet...

X's purpose is to serve the public conversation and to be the town square of the internet. Our priority is to ensure all people can participate in public conversation freely and safely. Although X is not a platform directed to minors, we want to ensure they are protected as well as possible when they go on our service. 
We have zero tolerance towards any material that may harm children online, such as features that promote child sexual exploitation, which is among the most serious violations of our rules. We are also members of the Tech Coalition in the fight against CSE and cooperate with NCMEC in the USA. Beyond fighting CSE material, we work tirelessly to fight against harassment online, forbidding notably targeting, repeated harassment or the incitement to harass others. We know that children and teens are sadly often victims of this practice, which can have seriously damaging consequences on their wellbeing. In this context, we work with governments and civil society organisations to ensure we comprehend the phenomenon and can be more effective in our fight against online harassment. This includes also the work that we are doing to fight revenge porn or the sharing of non-consensual intimate images (NCII), two behaviours that we strictly forbid on X. In the context of our work on child and youth protection online, we have rules against the promotion and encouragement of suicide and self-harm. We are aware that teenagers, for example, can be particularly vulnerable to harming themselves. When we are able to recognise conversations of users who could be willing to engage in self-harm, we encourage them to seek support and provide information about dedicated online and hotline resources that can help. Finally, we are adapting our settings to minors so that their experience on X is safer, for instance, preventing them from accessing graphic or adult content images. 

About us

X is the global town square —from the people for the people. X continues to be the top platform for curious and influential people worldwide, who use it daily to follow their passions, especially during important moments. X is not just another app – it's becoming the everything app, seamlessly uniting experiences into one interface, for everyone. By combining a public, live platform with the most engaged and influential users, we create a strong force for change.

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