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Last updated: 2021-01-29

About our SID activities

Youth IGF (YIGF) organises a series of meetings and activities with schools or children to raise the awareness of minors and their parents on online safety and for the better internet.
Youth IGF has initiated Safer Internet Day actions in more than 10 countries around the world, ranging from Bhutan to Haiti.

What we are doing to support the SID 2021 slogan of "Together for a better internet"…

The engagement of the young is essential to spread knowledge of cyber hygiene and to make the impact of internet safety awareness effective. The YIGF movement works together with partners on stronger awareness-raising messaging on internet safety.

About us

The Youth IGF ( created in 2011 is a recognised initiative, described by the United Nations Internet Governance Forum ( as an existing IGF Initiative.
The Youth IGF is a global movement that operates as a multi-stakeholder network. It allows the young (18-35 years old) to discuss and take a lead in issues related to internet governance in the format of local, national or regional debates. Youth IGF centers its activities on the organisation of annual events, debates and talks, as well as training, capacity building and awareness-raising sessions on subjects related to internet governance. A number of countries are implementing targeted projects either locally or nationally. Activities are organised by the young on a volunteer basis, based on methodology provided by the Youth IGF.
The Youth IGF is based on the principles of the UN Internet Governance Forum (IGF) and has full respect for them.
The Youth IGF Movement has inspired the youth activism on internet governance all over the world, having as results the creation of several Youth IGFs across the globe.

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