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Last updated: 2024-01-26

About our SID activities

On the occasion of Safer Internet Day 2024, the centre, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior, is traditionally organising a preventive and educational event. The event will take place directly on Safer Internet Day on February 6, 2024. It will start with a press conference with the main representatives of institutions - the Office of the Government, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the National Cybersecurity Agency, the Police of the Czech Republic and CZ.NIC. Then, there will be a professional seminar where selected sub-activities and projects, such as AI recommendations, the Cyber Academy, a guide for parents, and other activities under the slogan "together for a better Internet," will be presented in more detail. 

What we are doing to create a better internet…

The Safer Internet Centre cooperates with several national, cross-border and international partners. We are pleased that the activities of the national awareness centre, along with two helplines and the hotline, complement the efforts of other government, private and non-profit entities locally and across Europe. 

The "Advisory Board" of SIC CZ is a key platform for sharing experiences and searching for synergies and mutual support. More than 30 institutions, organisations and companies have become members and have decided to devote part of their energy, enthusiasm and skills to the benefit of the internet and safer technologies for children and adolescents. While selected activities are carried out in harmony, others are at least mutually informed, and we work together to bring them to the public's attention. Examples of successful cooperation are the activities held during the annual Safer Internet Day, the participation of partners in seminars and conferences organised by one of the members of the Advisory Board, the mutual sharing of capacities for the implementation of awareness-raising and educational events, or direct cooperation on specific projects and media campaigns. Apart from the Advisory Board, we are open and willing to cooperate with other relevant stakeholders and initiatives that meet our values and aim to create a better digital environment for all. 

As to the cross-border cooperation, we started to interact with Slovakia. We share knowledge and experience, discuss selected topics, and discuss possible joint activities in the coming years. The overarching goal of SIC CZ is to help Slovak colleagues re-establish the Safer Internet Centre SK and join the Insafe and INHOPE network. This is to announce that both countries have been invited to negotiate Grant Agreements for the upcoming Safer Internet projects (2024 - 2025). It is also worth mentioning that there are several mutual tasks in the above-mentioned projects.   

Regarding the international level, SIC CZ is primarily involved as a member of Insafe and IHOPE. Together with other European and non-European Safer Internet Centres and hotlines, we regularly identify and solve current issues for children who are confronted with illegal content on the Internet. At the same time, we are part of selected working groups and committees and participate in the preparation and running of major events such as the Safer Internet Forum or Safer Internet Day. An interesting experience for us is dealing with the world's leading providers of digital services and platforms, who are increasingly aware of the need to set up and secure their solutions so that they become comfortable and safe for children and young people. 

In general, it is good to see that the issues of safe use of modern technologies, spreading awareness about the challenges of the digital world or media and digital education resonate across society, and we can, together with others, further develop them for the benefit of our children and youth.

About us

The Safer Internet Centre of the Czech Republic (SIC CZ) is composed of four organisations that have decided to direct their knowledge, skills, energy and passion in favour of a safer Internet for children and youth. Since 2019, the coordinator of SIC CZ has been the CZ.NIC Association. Other SIC CZ partners are Linka bezpečí (LB), Dětské krizové centrum (DKC) and JSNS (educational program of the People in Need organization).

Our work relies on three main parts:

  • The awareness centre 
  • the helplines,
  • and the hotline for reporting illegal digital content.

In the awareness centre, we focus on activities intended to spread awareness and deepen the knowledge of children, teachers, parents or educators on internet safety. Through the services provided by LB and DKC, we help children and adolescents overcome difficult life situations they have encountered in connection with online risks such as self-harm, suicidal thoughts, cyberbullying, sexting and others. These services are available free of charge to children and adults from the Czech Republic by telephone, chat and e-mail (children's crisis lines in 24/7 mode). Thanks to DKC outpatient care, we also help children who have become direct victims of crimes over the Internet. The operators of our hotline evaluate reports and, based on this, secure illegal content on the Internet, including sexually explicit content depicting children and youth.

The activities of SIC CZ have an international scope. We are part of the Insafe and INHOPE networks, which bring together Safer Internet Centres and hotlines worldwide. On behalf of the Czech Republic, we present developments and trends in online security topics abroad, and we are an official partner of the European Commission for Safer Internet topics.

The activities of the Safer Internet Centre of the Czech Republic are co-financed from the resources of the European Commission, specifically from the Digital Europe program.

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