Safer Internet Day 2023 celebrations in Albania, the national platform for a safe internet in Albania, which also functions as the national line for children's internet safety, is a national service established by CRCA/ECPAT Albania in 2015. It has as its main mission the reporting and removal of harmful materials on the internet, social networks and online media that contain sexual violence against children and adolescents, bullying and extreme violence against children and young people, as well as the language of hate crimes.

Empowering African children for digital safety for Safer Internet Day 2023

On 1 February 2023, the Safer Internet Centre in Ghana, in collaboration with the ITU Regional Office in Africa, African Telecommunications Union (ATU) and other partners, launched the fourth Africa Safer Internet Day (ASID) on Zoom. The launch served as a formal introduction to the ASID celebrations scheduled for 7 February 2023, which brings together major stakeholders, including parents, governments, and civil society organisations. The event aims to raise awareness about the emerging digital and online issues that influence the experiences of children and young people in Africa.

Wide celebrations for Safer Internet Day 2023 in Nigeria

In Nigeria, Safer Internet Day 2023 was celebrated with a series of panels discussing some among the most pressing safer internet issues. The goal of the activities of the day was to to create awareness for a safer internet, where everyone has the ability to utilise technology responsibly, politely, critically, and creatively. 95 students from seven schools, along with 50 teachers, parents, and media and government agencies participated in the event.

Iceland launched new website for Safer Internet Day 2023

For the 2023 edition of Safer Internet Day, the Safer Internet Centre in Iceland (SAFT) focused on collaboration. SAFT is a part of a new network about media literacy in Iceland with more than 40 other partners, including the Icelandic media commission and the national broadcasting company.  

The Netherlands focus on inappropriate content for Safer Internet Day 2023

As fast as the internet develops, the years are also passing by fast. This year, on 7 February 2023, the world celebrated the 20th anniversary of Safer Internet Day. What once started as a SafeBorders initiative in 2004 has now grown into a widely respected event celebrated in more than 180 countries. Read more about the SID celebrations in the Netherlands. 

Together for a better internet in Cyprus on Safer Internet Day 2023

In Cyprus, Safer Internet Day 2023 was celebrated on Tuesday, 7 February at the Olympic Hall (the Cyprus Olympic Committee), which hosted the last phase of the annual cyber safety video production contest. Read on to learn more about the contest and other activities to celebrate SID2023.