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Last updated: 2022-01-28

About our SID activities

The Italian Safer Internet Day (SID) event will be streamed online on 8 February 2022. The event will take place at the Minister of Education and, during the event, we will present our goals and objectives for the new year. This year we celebrate our ten years of being a Safer Internet Centre (SIC) together with students, teachers, parents and friends. Our old Youth Panellists from the past and new ones will reach us to talk about their experience. 

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An e-Safety Education Toolkit will be launched during SID 2022. The educational resources package will include open lesson plans, courses, activities, tailored for each age group and produced to be used by teachers and educators across Italy. These resources can help children and young people aged 3-18 (including children with special educational needs) to learn about online safety issues.

Moreover, a reviewed and enhanced ePolicy process will be presented as well as an “App Development Challenge for High School”. We will invite high school students to be involved by creating and exhibiting their software applications or app for mobile, tablet, or computer devices. 

We are going to organise different events for all our target groups - students, parents and teachers -  throughout the month.  The webinars will take place during the month with our experts who will talk about important issues for different targets.

During the main event, we will present The School of Social Network’s website and we will show how they can use it. 

With the traditional theme "Together for a better internet", this year our slogan is also “La rete siamo noi” (“We are the network” in English).

Let's use the official hashtag, #SID2022!

Download our banner for schools and companies.

What we are doing to support the SID 2022 theme of "Together for a better internet"…

A communication campaign will be carried out through all the social media profiles of the Italian Safer Internet Centre and will be supported by all the companies and institutions of the Advisory Board. New video tutorials on topics chosen by SIC experts will also be launched.

About us

The aim of the Italian Safer Internet Day (SID) celebration is to promote a dialogue among institutions, public and private organisations, teachers, and students, exploring how we use new technologies to make the internet a better place. Through this year, more than any other, technologies have played a fundamental role, they have been essential to socialise, and a key instrument for teaching, as well as a significant space, to always remain updated. This is why the SID 2022’s goal is to explore how the youth have used these digital tools in a positive way throughout this period.

The main point of the Italian Safer Internet Day 2022 event will be the young from the Youth Panel. The students, along with some experts, will meet with other experts and the Minister of Education, discussing the use of technologies problems and potentialities.