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This year's Safer Internet Day took place on Tuesday, 7 February 2023. Significantly, it was the 20th edition of the campaign.

Noting the global reach of the Safer Internet Day campaign, on this site you can discover more about the actions of European Safer Internet Centres, global Safer Internet Day Committees, and a range of organisational and industry supporters to mark the day. Profile pages are still being updated with outputs and successes from the day, so please come back often for the latest news.

As usual, much of the campaign's activity played out on social media. Be sure to check our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, and review the #SaferInternetDay and #SID2023 hashtags to see the discussions of the day.

Read on to find out more about practical ways in which you can get involved in the campaign, not just on Safer Internet Day but all year around. Whether you are a young person, a parent or caregiver, a teacher, educator or academic, a policymaker, or whether you represent an organisation or industry, everyone has a role to play in creating and maintaining a better online world.

And, as one Safer Internet Day draws to a close, so we start planning the next. Save the date for Safer Internet Day 2024 which will take place on Tuesday, 6 February 2024.

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Get involved

The Safer Internet Day slogan of “Together for a better internet” encourages everyone to join the movement, to participate, and to make the most of the internet’s potential to bring people together. With a global, community-led approach, Safer Internet Day encourages everyone to come together and play their part. There are many ways to do this...

In your country

Safer Internet Day is celebrated around the world in February of each year, with Safer Internet Centres, Safer Internet Day Committees and other supporters in each of the countries coming together to plan and organise events. Browse the map to read about how this year's campaign was marked.

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Luxembourg celebrates the 20th edition of Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day (SID) celebrated its 20th anniversary on 7 February 2023. This European Union initiative is held each year to raise awareness and ensure a safer internet throughout the world. BEE SECURE, Luxembourg Safer Internet Centre, looks back on the events that took place as part of #SID2023. 

Serbia celebrates Safer Internet Day 2023 with panels for education professionals

On the occasion of Safe Internet Day 2023, the Serbian Safer Internet Centre (SIC) organised the conference “Safer Internet Day 2023 – Together for a better internet” in the Palace of Serbia, Belgrade. The Minister of Information and Telecommunications, the Minister of Education, and the Director of UNICEF Serbia officially opened the conference.

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