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Last updated: 2024-02-02

About our SID activities

Safer Internet Armenia is a nationwide endeavour focused on educating and empowering digital citizens to navigate the online world safely and responsibly. It champions the education of both children and adults through impactful online safety awareness campaigns and comprehensive digital media literacy programs.

What we are doing to create a better internet…

Safer Internet Day is an annual celebration in Armenia, marking a pivotal moment in promoting online safety and digital literacy.
Expanding beyond a single day, the Safer Internet Day campaign encompasses the month of February, with activities extending until September and dedicated to equipping children, parents, teachers, and students with skills and valuable educational resources. Through this initiative, participants gain essential skills to navigate the digital landscape safely and effectively, integrating these practices into their daily lives and educational pursuits.

This year’s program focuses on combating hate speech and preventing its dissemination among 14-17 year olds in Armenia. The program comprises three key components: a targeted campaign, peer-to-peer labs, and school teacher-parent talks, culminating in a video message competition.

The awareness-raising campaign is designed to unfold across various platforms for maximum reach. Onsite peer-to-peer labs, led by teachers, will be conducted within schools, while parent talks will be organised by volunteer educators.

Tool packs will be developed and distributed to both teachers and young individuals. These packs will include resources to address hate speech and equip students with the skills to identify and respond to such incidents, including bullying. 

Additionally, leaflets from the Council of Europe titled 'Act for Eliminating Exclusion and Bullying Online and Offline!' will be introduced to teachers and parents, providing guidance on coping with bullying and exclusion and offering strategies for teachers to support student resilience. Teachers will play a vital role in implementing these materials and facilitating constructive discussions among students.

Pre-lab training sessions will be conducted with teachers to introduce the new educational tool pack for addressing hate speech. Subsequent peer-to-peer labs will be held in Yerevan and across Armenia to educate youth on recognising and combating hate speech both online and offline, empowering them to become responsible digital citizens. Participants will learn to critically analyse and engage with harmful content, distinguish hate speech from credible information, and report such instances. They will also be encouraged to create video messages denouncing hate speech.

Teacher-parent talks in Yerevan and other administrative divisions of Armenia will facilitate constructive dialogue about the negative impact of hate speech, providing parents with relevant educational materials. Finally, a video message competition will offer Armenian youth a platform to express their concerns, ideas, and solutions for countering hate speech and bullying and fostering empathy.  

About us

Safer Internet Armenia is a national initiative dedicated to fostering a safer and more enriching online environment for children. This vital project receives support from organisations such as the STEM Society, the NCEDI Foundation (National Center for Education Development and Innovation), the "Internet Society" NGO, the NCET (National Center of Educational Technologies), the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, and Sports, as well as the Yerevan City Municipality, regional and municipal authorities, and various ICT companies. The project operates under the guidance of a consortium of partners led by the Armenian Safer Internet Committee and the STEM Society.

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