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This year, the Croatian Safer Internet Centre (SIC) is preparing educational packs for schools and organisations who are planning to be involved in the celebration of Safer Internet Day. We are going to organise a prize contest in the form of an online quiz about internet safety. The winners will be rewarded with valuable prizes. Also, we are planning to reward teachers who show the most effort and creativity in making Safer Internet Day most memorable. We are also motivating parents to get involved in the celebration by delivering the most creative story about being safe in the online world. We will develop new workbooks for parents and children, and new promotional materials for children and adults, about safer internet use. 
In we prepare for Safer Internet Day, the Croatian Safer Internet Centre has its hands full with various workshops for elementary and high-school children. On the very day of the SID celebrations, we are inviting famous YouTubers in our region to come together and discuss some of the online safety issues and concerns with a large group of children.

What we are doing to support the SID 2020 slogan of "Together for a better internet"…

We are trying to educate children, parents, youth and educators through lectures and workshops, and provide information on safer internet use of social networks as they are the prominent source for internet use in Croatia. We are helping children and youth to realise that their actions online have real consequences, and alerting parents and educators about how to teach themselves on some technical aspects of each of the social networks. We are going to reach as many people as possible in Croatia so that news and information about safer internet use becomes widely available.

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The Croatian Safer Internet Centre (SIC) was established in 2015 and this is the fifth year we will be organising the SID celebration day. The committee consists of new industry partners which have shown a positive outlook on the project and the organisation of SID.

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