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Children and young people's visual expressions through digital technologies is the theme of the Danish SID 2020. Children and young people's online communication is to a high extent expressed through an informal and visual way consisting of images, filters and memes. The world of photo and video editing offers a broad pallet of fun with filters and lenses when taking selfies, but also serious and illegal manipulation of images and exposition of innocent victims. It may be a funny and innocent joke between friends - but when manipulated imagery is produced and distributed without consent, online harassment has serious consequences to the victim.
To address this, the Media Council for Children and Young People organises a conference featuring multiple professionals and academics within the field of youth media literacy. The conference takes place in Copenhagen the 27 January 2020 and will be attended by representatives of the Danish Safer Internet Centre's wide range of partnerships from boards, NGOs and industry to the university world and professionals (for example,  teachers, educators and Youth Crime Prevention workers).

What we are doing to support the SID 2020 slogan of "Together for a better internet"…

We aspire to establish attention and knowledge about children and young people's visual expressions through digital technologies. By addressing this at the conference, we seek to cover the positives and negatives of the world of photo and video editing, and how to prevent online harassment.

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The main tasks of the Media Council are to classify films, to advise children and their parents on the use of computer games – and, in the role of national Awareness Centre, to provide information and disseminate knowledge and materials about children and young people's use of digital media.

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