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Last updated: 2020-12-02

About our SID activities

Through this project, we present a simple process that invites you to Know, Learn, Teach and Evaluate in favour of education and a secure internet. This scheme was originally presented as a proposal for a Secure Internet project in 2009.

The fundamental strategy is the transmission of information in a clear, brief and simple way, with playful activities and the use of alternative techniques that allow adolescents to be effective actors in capturing and disseminating information.

  • To know: it is to locate information so that you prepare yourself on the subject of the internet to develop, besides data on the organisations that are supporting this initiative.
  • Learning: is to locate specialised material in the problem, statistics, safety guides, information on tools and other materials that will be of great help for you to develop the role of volunteer and multiplier.
  • Teach: After knowing and learning comes the action, put at the service of other adolescents, your family environment, everything you have learned, help reduce the dangers and increase knowledge. Teach, is to develop the selected activity with the material obtained.
  • Evaluate: Evaluate is to collect the information of the activity carried out as part of an improvement process and feedback for the next group.

What we are doing to support the SID 2021 slogan of "Together for a better internet"…

We present the project to the university community to be shared in schools and colleges. The project is also provided for download, and there is a reference some reference videos on campaign topics.

About us

The Central University of Ecuador, is the oldest university and the second largest by number of students from the Republic of Ecuador.

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