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Last updated: 2021-01-07

About our SID activities

Like in recent years, we have extended the Safer Internet Day campaign to a month. In the last week of January, we are sending an online invitation to celebrate SID with the package of the informative materials to all pre-schools, schools and youth centres. For compiling the package, we ask in the beginning of January from pre-schools, schools and youth centres which have participated in the previous years, to share their success stories with us so that we can include these stories in to the package to motivate and encourage all to participate. To show the extent of participation we will create a map and include information about the planned/organised events as well.
This year we will focus on fake information online. On 25 January 2021 we will launch an online event for children and youngsters and ask them to create memes about the fake information distributed online. The period to participate is 25 January - 25 February 2021.
On Safer Internet Day, 9 February 2021 we will hold a conference for teachers. The focus of the conference is on cyber ethics and how fake information is distributed online, including social manipulation. The conference will take place online.
Also on Safer Internet Day, we will publish a thematic edition of the web-magazine "Notice the Child". The thematic edition focuses on values which drives our behaviour including online, as well as on cyber ethics issues.

What we are doing to support the SID 2021 slogan of "Together for a better internet"…

We motivate young people and adults to discuss the values that influence people's behavior in order to promote the positive and responsible use of digital media and devices.

About us

The Estonian Safer Internet Centre's (SIC) aim is to promote a positive and safe use of the internet and digital communication devices and technologies among children and young people.
The Estonian SIC is a consortium of four organisations: Estonian Union for Child Welfare, Education and Youth Agency, Tallinn University of Technology and the Estonian Social Insurance Board. For ensuring a swift cooperation between the consortium members, the Estonian Union for Child Welfare acts as coordinator also.
The Estonian Safer Internet Centre cooperates with children and young people via the project youth panel and also via different events in schools, kindergartens and youth centres.
The Estonian SIC consortium also cooperates with a wide range of stakeholders including governmental, public and private agencies.

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