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Last updated: 2020-03-07

About our SID activities

During this edition of Safer Internet Day (SID), Internet Sans Crainte, which is the national awareness programme that helps children master their digital lives, wants to build a bridge between school and home, by answering a double need:
  • Offer turn-key resources to teachers and educators and allow them to create tailor-made workshops to do in class with students.
  • Support parents and child with their digital practices at home.
"Help families to meet again a peaceful digital life"
A new resource has been designed by TRALALERE, with Unaf, 3-6-9-12 association and Axa prevention. A demonstration of it will be organised during an event with parents and their 9-year-old children. FamiNum is an application configured to help parents in the creation of digital family charter. This customisable and intuitive tool aims to establish or re-establish family dialogue around digital practices. A solution that would deal effectively with the issues, by using a constructive discourse facing the status quo that is the usual conflictual approach. Indeed, the stigma has already shown a counter-productive effect; ready-made recipes are rarely successful in term of parenting and education. That is why the actual stakes consist in being digital parents ready to adapt and question themselves.
A new version of "Stop la violence" serious game
Developed with the support of FFT and MAE, this renewed version enriches the existing catalogue of educational resources. Interactive and immersive, it has been updated to be ever-more efficient and raise awareness among as many people as possible on school assessment. The new version of the Stop la Violence Serious Game will be live demonstrated on 11 February 2020 with Jean Rostand d'Evreux high school's 14-year-old students.

What we are doing to support the SID 2020 slogan of "Together for a better internet"…

Safer Internet Day 2020, the global awareness day for a better internet, will will be held on 11 February at the Solidarity and Health Ministry with the cooperation of the Education Ministry.
As we said previously, the new version of the Serious Game "Stop the Violence" will be promoted at this moment. It takes part of the "No to harassment" day, which is at the heart of the national awareness programme, set up in experimental educational institutions throughout France. "Safer Internet" has been designated as a jury member of this event.
Considering this, students from a partner academy in Normandy will be invited to conduct a live digital educational workshop in front of the press as well as in front of all the Safer Internet partners (UNAF, CNAF, Ligue de l'Enseignement, E-enfance, MAE, national gendarmerie, etc.). The digital resource will also be tested during a second edition of the Safer Internet Day Workshops during all the month by hundreds of teachers and students. To do that, they just have to subscribe their workshops to receive a pedagogical kit with all the resources created by Internet Sans Crainte. In that way, they will represent the initiatives taken by education professionals from all over the country and we will act together for a better internet.
In the meantime, a new Internet Sans Crainte website will be launched to increase clarity and awareness.

About us

#SID2020 is organised by Internet sans Crainte within the Safer Internet France consortium, composed of three organisations: TRALALERE, Point de contact and E-enfance.
  • TRALALERE is the coordinator of Safer Internet France (SIF) and operator of the awareness programme, Internet Sans Crainte: the latter helps French youth to master their digital lives. It produces resources for educational networks and families, as well as training material.
  • Point de contact is the French online reporting service that allows internet users to report offensive content encountered on the internet.
  • e-Enfance is in charge of Net Ecoute 0800 200 000, the national number of protection of minors on the internet and fight against cyber-harassment. It brings help to young people facing difficulties in the context of their digital use, as well as to their parents and professionals.

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