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klicksafe and the German Safer Internet Centre (SIC) promote Safer Internet Day (SID) in Germany and encourage all schools, partners, institutions, companies, libraries, and so on to participate in SID with their own activities. All those actively engaged can register their support via the klicksafe website; all events and activities are then published in the list of events and a map of events (see:
klicksafe's focus topic for Safer Internet Day 2020 is "Idols online. Influencers and power of opinion," with a variety of activities and offerings around this topic for different target groups.
klicksafe will hold a press event at a school in Berlin on the morning of SID with interactive workshops for pupils and prominent guests. Also, klicksafe will launch a social media campaign with the title #checkwemdufolgst (#checkwhoyoufollow).
A video trailer, as well as latest survey results about young people's opinion on the influence of influencers, will follow on the day, along with classroom materials for schools.
In its social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, klicksafe not only promotes SID and its own activities, but also showcases the broad variety of events and activities organised all over the country.

What we are doing to support the SID 2020 slogan of "Together for a better internet"…

We bring together various stakeholders, including different age groups and different target groups, to join SID activities and actively participate in this global initiative. As a joint effort, everyone taking part in SID helps to create a better internet, together. Selected events and activities from across Germany are promoted on klicksafe's social media channels under the slogan "Together for a better internet".

About us

The German Safer Internet Centre ( consists of the the Awareness Centre klicksafe (a mutual project of the Central Authority for Media and Communication Rhineland-Palatinate, LMK (coordination), and the Media Authority for North Rhine-Westphalia), the Hotlines (implemented by eco and FSM) and, as well as the child Helpline Nummer gegen Kummer.
The German SIC coordinates all SID events in Germany. Find all information about national events at

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