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Last updated: 2024-01-18

About our SID activities

Safer Internet Day (SID) is a special time for the Greek Safer Internet Centre (SIC), It's a chance to encourage people to use digital media more responsibly and think about staying safe online.

This year, we're making SID a week-long celebration in the second week of February. On the 6th of February, we will have a main event at the Ministry of Education, where high school students will join. We'll discuss being kind online, supporting, and standing up against negative things. Students at the event can chat with famous actors and influencers who will share tips on using social media safely. We'll also announce and reward the winners of two nationwide student competitions held by the Greek Safe Internet Center.

Throughout the week, there will be online events for students of all grades. The results of a survey on AI in education in Greece (preliminary results) will be highlighted during SID 2024. This is part of an ongoing European-level survey.

New resources emphasising the use of AI tools by students, the opportunities they offer and the risks they present will be released before SID 2024 for use by educators in class but also for informing parents and the broad public in general. These include presentations, videos, and lesson plans released for all educational levels.

Press releases with the helpline and hotline annual statistical data, the main conclusions derived, and press releases with the main messages of SID 2024 will be disseminated to the press.

What we are doing to create a better internet...

We're helping to make the internet better in SID 2024. We're setting up events and kicking off projects to make the online world safer and more constructive for everyone.
We give teachers useful and enjoyable tools and ideas to spark their creativity. This helps them teach kids how to be safe on the internet for a longer time. The aim is to encourage everyone to actively contribute to improving the internet.

About us

Greek SIC started its operation in July 2016 under the auspices of the Foundation for Research and
Technology – Hellas (FORTH) is Greece's premier multidisciplinary research institution.
We have well-organised facilities, highly qualified personnel and a global reputation as a top-tier research institution.
The Greek Safer Internet Centre promotes safer and better internet and social media use among
children and young people. It develops pedagogical tools and awareness-raising activities to appropriately inform and educate parents, teachers, and key stakeholders about the role they ought to play in raising the new generation of children in the digital world. is supported by the Greek Ministry of Education and the Μinistry of Digital Governance.

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