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About our SID activities

We are awaiting an update on this SID Committee's plans for Safer Internet Day 2021. In the meantime, please see information on its previous SID celebrations below, or contact the organisation direct using the links to the right...

The Anarestan ecosystem includes:
  • Free prepaid SIM card for kids and teenagers.
  • Localised and customised tablets for kids and teenagers named "Nartab", made in Iran and with dedicated training programmes such as "Discovery of science" and access to the Anarestan ecosystem.
  • Kid-friendly high-speed internet, based on 3G, 4G and ADSL, VDSL, FTTx with access to around 80,000 whitelist sites.
  • The first kid-friendly internet search engine in Iran called "Romanet" for kids and teenagers; everyone, regardless of their internet provider, can use this service.
  • Parental control application to help parents monitor their children in cyberspace.
  • VOD platform of "Nartoon" to offer multi-media educational and entertainment content.
  • "Narliga" which is a platform with the aim of holding various game competitions based on cultural-educational frameworks.
  • "Chi khoobe" service (meaning: What is good?) which helps with introducing and counselling kids and parents to choose sites, games, toys, movies and cartoons based on the age of the kids.
  • "Anarestan club" aggregates value-added services in 2G and 3G/4G platforms based on needs of kids, teenagers and parents.
  • Content market called "Narket" to provide access to the bank of educational books and videos of top teachers for students and teachers, especially in deprived areas (2016).
  • An IVR educational counselling service named "Aynar".

What we are doing to support the SID slogan of "Together for a better internet"…

Anarestan project (in Farsi "Anar" means pomegranate and "Stan" is a suffix that means place or land, so "Anarestan" means the land of pomegranates), same as pomegranate which is a common fruit of Iran, tries to be the common virtual world of all Iranian kids and teenagers with different tastes and needs.
The goals of Anarestan are:
  • Creating safe access to cyberspace through a whitelist feature which is provided by professionals and experts with wide experience in dealing with kids and teenagers from different backgrounds such as sociology, psychology, anthropology, education and so on.
  • Creating an opportunity to provide educational and entertainment digital contents for students of the country by presenting different ICT platform such as VOD, game, VAS services.
  • Enriching the content level through presenting various educational, training and entertainment services in cyberspace.

About us

Developing content for kids in cyberspace and creating a safe environment for their growth are a necessity for comprehensive development and realisation of educational justice in society. Therefore, Amin Strategic Management Development Co. (Amin SMD) has been working as an aggregator of services and provider of ICT platforms in Iran in the field of education and entertainment for kids and teenagers since 2010.
This company inaugurated the Anarestan ecosystem late in 2015 in order to collect the required infrastructures and platforms to provide the educational and entertainment content suitable for Iranian kids and teenagers; so the mission of Anarestan as the most important project of Amin Company is to create a kid-friendly and content-rich internet ecosystem for kids and teenagers to educate them on using new technologies. Also, Anarestan holds special events and programmes with other players in this field to empower teachers and students.
Until now, Anarestan has succeeded in distributing 1,500k free prepaid SIM cards to users, and is presently localising tablets, VAS services and other facilities to improve subscriber satisfaction.
Anarestan has been supported by Iran's Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and specifically approved by "Support Programme of Developing Kids Cyberspace Services" in the country.


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