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Last updated: 2024-01-26

About our SID activities

We are going to hold our third international meeting for a digital world free of child sexual abuse in Puerto Vallarta. The advisory and executive council of Te Protejo México will participate, made up of members of international organisations, government, companies, civil associations and the social media industry. Training will also be carried out for all these strategic allies to create a safer digital world.

What we are doing to create a better internet…

We are excited to announce our participation in the Safer Internet Day 2024 as Mexico joins the global movement for a safer digital environment. As part of our commitment, we will be hosting our third international meeting in Puerto Vallarta, focusing on creating a digital world free of child sexual abuse. The event will bring together key stakeholders, including members of the advisory and executive council of Te Protejo México. This distinguished group comprises representatives from international organisations, government bodies, companies, civil associations, and the social media industry.

During the meeting, we will conduct specialised training sessions for all strategic allies, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Our collective goal is to work hand-in-hand towards creating a safer and more secure digital landscape for everyone.

Join us in this important initiative as we contribute to making the internet a better place for all, reinforcing our dedication to ensuring a secure online experience for every individual.

About us

Fundación PAS was created in 2010 to offer a solution that impacts the reduction of Sexual Abuse incidence, by strengthening families, with innovative information, education, and communication models so that every child can be protected, and their guardians are alert and capable of identifying, guiding, and channelling when a symptom or a risk situation arises and be able to live in the safest possible environment.​

​ ​With the businessmen’s encouragement and the specialist’s knowledge, Fundación PAS provides new solutions to specialists and to all sectors of society, managing to unite them through a different approach to the management of Child Sexual Abuse

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