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Last updated: 2021-01-23

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Parenthood and digital media
The digital part of being a parent is challenging. Many parents see their children’s use of digital media as a dilemma between learning something new and useful, but also taking up a lot of time that could have been spent doing other activities.
The Norwegian Media Authority and the Department for Media and Communication at the University of Oslo will be hosting aseminar to shine light on parents and their children’s digital media life.
Safer Interet Day (SID) will start off with a message from several Heads of ministries of Norway, including the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Justice and Public Safety, the Ministry of Children and Family, and the Ministry of Education and Research.
The Department for Media and Communication will host the next session, inluding several researchers working in the field of parents and digital media use by children.
Finally, The Norwegian Media Authority will present a new research report concerning preschool children’s use of digital media.
Stakeholders have been invited to comment on the report and the situation on the topic from their viewpoint. An updated guide to screen use for parents of preschool children will be presented, and the digital family online game “Stjernekolonien” (The Star Colony) will have a second launch as we have added more content to the game since the first launch in September 2020. There will also be a short film about how the Norwegian Safer Internet Centre works.
Several other Safer Internet Day events will happen on the day and during the week from various organisations and in different places in Norway. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the events are mostly digital and easily available for interested parties.

What we are doing to support the SID 2021 slogan of "Together for a better internet"…

Children and young people today don't separate the digital life from the offline life. By safeguarding children and young people's digital lives, the Norwegian Safer Internet Centre (SIC) will help to equip children to become competent and critical media users. We will protect them from harmful content and provide knowledge and advice. It is a comprehensive task that we share with many.
We will help them in in the most optimal and secure way possible, we must constantly consider skills, responsibilities and security. But children and adolescents cannot take care of a safe online environment, take the right responsibilities or get the right skills, alone. They need help, guidance and education.
It is important that a broad public-private coalition of parties take responsibility for the digital security and skills of young people, and to help parents and teachers guide and educate them. The Norwegian Safer Internet Centre brings together stakeholders for their activities and to achieve their goals. Together for a better internet.
The Media Authority and the Norwegian SIC acknowledges our shared responsibility for fulfilling, protecting and respecting children's rights in the digital environment under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

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The Norwegian Safer Internet Centre (SIC) aims to help children and young people to have a safer and better digital life. The Norwegian SIC's main goal is to raise awareness and increase media literacy among children, parents and teachers, and other professionals working with children on online issues and online risks. The helpline services - Cross my heart - give advice and support to young people on issues related to their use of online technologies. The SIC collaborates with many different partners from both the private and public sector, and from NGOs to ministries, to ensure joint awareness-raising activities and development of common resources and tools.

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