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About our SID activities

We will communicate the authority's work in the media and information literacy (MIL) field, as well as the extensive educational material that is available. The purpose is to strengthen children and young people in their media use. The communication will take place through the various channels of the authority during the period of SID.

What we are doing to support the SID 2020 slogan of "Together for a better internet"…

During 2019, the Swedish Media Council was commissioned by the Government to strengthen the national work for enhanced MIL in Sweden by developing a long-term structure for cooperation between stakeholders in different sectors (and levels). In this work, the Media Council will form a national hub (a knowledge centre on MIL) and establish a national network of stakeholders with the aims to facilitate a coordination of initiatives. 
The Council's MIL-assignment includes:
  • establishing a stakeholder network for MIL,
  • establishing a platform for sharing/dissemination of knowledge on MIL, and
  • a regular mapping of MIL (stakeholders and initiatives).

About us

The Swedish Media Council is a government agency whose primary task is to promote the empowering of minors as conscious media users and to protect them from harmful media influences. 
The Media Council gathers relevant research and disseminates information on media development, media effects and media use regarding children and young people.

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