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Last updated: 2024-01-22

About our SID activities

This year, Safer Internet Centre Sweden celebrates the entire week around Safer Internet Day by arranging various activities and encouraging partners, schools and other organisations to arrange their activities. Safer Internet Centre Sweden will also raise awareness of internet-related issues concerning children and young people through social media posts and disseminate current and new educational resources with the hashtags #SID24 and #SaferInternetDay.

Safer Internet Centre Sweden organises two main activities:

  • A webinar for professionals working with children and young people
  • A video series for middle schools

Webinar for professionals:

The webinar "Children and young people's lives online: What do we know and what is needed onwards?" will be live-streamed on Tuesday, 6 February 2024, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. During the webinar, the Swedish Safer Internet Centre will provide comprehensive information on online life, addressing internet-related issues concerning children and young people. Following the presentations, there will be two panel discussions where representatives from the youth panel, the civil society, and the public sector will present their knowledge and discuss responsibilities and the way forward. The audience will simultaneously ask the speakers and panelists questions.

The preliminary program is:

  • This is what children and young people do on the internet - Martin Karlsson, analyst, Swedish Agency for the Media
  • The whole school has seen me naked - Sofie Josephsson, program director, ECPAT Sweden
  • Children's own voices about vulnerability online - David Sandberg Hjelm, development strategist, Bris 
  • Panel 1: Conversation about young people's own experiences
  • Panel 2: Conversation about the way forward

Find more information about the webinar (language: Swedish). 

Short webinars for schools: 

During the week of Safer Internet Day, SIC Sweden will organise and share three webinars with middle schools in Sweden. The theme of the webinars is online safety for children and young people, and they will be available during and after Safer Internet Week. 

What are we doing to create a better internet...

Safer Internet Centre Sweden is asking actors from all sectors public, – private, and civil society – to come together around Safer Internet Day to recognise issues surrounding online safety for children and young people. Many actors in Sweden have material on these issues, and Safer Internet Centre Sweden wants to encourage them to take advantage of the opportunity Safer Internet Week provides. Our aim is that this project, combined with Safer Internet Centre Sweden's activities, will raise awareness about life online and how we can work together to create a better internet.

About us

The Safer Internet Centre Sweden consists of an/a:

  • Awareness centre, run by the Swedish Agency for the Media, 
  • Helpline, run by Bris – Children’s Rights in Society (Bris), 
  • Hotline, run by ECPAT Sweden (ECPAT). 

Together, the consortium works for children’s safety online. 

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